Modification House Quilucru

Modification House Quilucru

Brandau Ciccardini
Alt Zeneggen 45, 3934 Zeneggen, Switzerland | View Map
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Modification House Quilucru

Brandau Ciccardini as Architects

The village of Zeneggen is idyllic, at over 1450 meters in the middle of the Valais Alps. Typical Swiss chalets, constructed in knitted construction, some with over a hundred years of history, characterize the village and, apparently arbitrarily, combine to form a tranquil neighborhood with small squares and high-quality views.


The building's historic chalet lies in the middle of this microcosm and has been rebuilt several times over the years. In the course of the renovation, the focus was on the one hand on respectful handling of the historical building substance, but also on an effective combination with contemporary architectural language.


In this way, it was possible to combine new and old components effectively into a common whole and to give the venerable chalet a fresh, yet natural appearance. The playful use of colors and materials helps to make existing and new components clearly legible. New window openings are also precisely set and make the unique landscape part of the chalet.


Inside the house, the functional needs of the resident and thus also the living comfort could be optimized with a few floor plan adjustments. A new internal staircase connects the two levels, two additional rooms and a spacious bathroom could be created on the base floor. The light-flooded living area was supplemented with a new kitchen unit and a storage stove, which can heat the entire chalet using an effective heat conduction system.


The focus was on ecology and sustainability with the use of natural materials such as clay plaster, clay casein putty and oiled wood cladding.


Material Used:

1. Wood construction

2. Concrete, exposed concrete

3. Clay plaster with calcium silicate boards & clay filler floor

4. 3-layer spruce panel, green oiled

5. Wood window green oiled

6. Drop arm awning margina

7. Steel railing pigeon blue

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