NAAS Springs

NAAS Springs

Atelier Hapsitus
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NAAS Springs

Atelier Hapsitus as Architects

The location for our project scheme spreads over a topographical edge of the site, which is at the highest point of the site, at the intersection between the flat area and the strong slope.

The architectural landscape is created in the spirit of water following down a sloped terrain. The project is formed by a series of walls projecting into nature. They alternate between large living spaces with roofs for residences and uncovered elongated spaces for the passages, which form an extension of nature.

The ‘in-between ‘passages are the breathing spaces leading to nature, which could conceivably end with a sculpture or other feature, with the pine trees as a backdrop. Both of the entrance facade and the nature façade of each residence are mainly transparent, creating from within the residence an inviting approach towards nature (almost 30~40% of the transparency of each residence).

The sides are stonewalls perforated with a sprinkling of small openings that will glow at night when the lights are on, giving a fairytale aspect to the residence cluster at night. Two major walls within each residence hold all the functions and provide major vertical surfaces which keep the space warm and allow possibilities for shelving, paintings and other features.

The shape of the undulating tiled roofs cape brings to mind the silhouette of a chain of mountains, and echoes the distant mountain vista. Although the residences are independent and separate, the roofs cape provides an element of continuity in the landscape of the project.

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