Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
Yamagata, Japan
Project Year

Necklace House

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP as Architects

The site is located deep in the countryside. As there is a heavy snowfall of 2m in the winter, I floated the rooms from the ground by using the structure wall. And next, the detached rooms are spread along the wall at a distance so that they can enjoy the beautiful view of the garden and the nature outside. By arranging the rooms to be connected behind the wall, although each room looks like a detached room, the dwellers can move around the house without having to go outside. By stringing together rooms with different characters such as the timber bedroom with big trusses, the Japanese style room, and the bathroom with 1600 windows, the house resembles necklace-strung beads. This method of layout which is the way of thinking that a room is a autonomy unit contrasts from the Japanese conventional way of ‘Madori’ where a big space is divided into small oppressively close rooms. The Necklace house was successful at keeping a good relationship between each room and achieving unity with the garden and the spectacular view outside.

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