Nevis Resort Masterplan

Nevis Resort Masterplan

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Nevis Resort Masterplan

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This masterplan for a 600-acre site on the Caribbean isle of Nevis comprises two distinct elements: a luxurious spa resort and a range of deluxe private residences.The resort occupies the swathe of land nearest the sea, which is transformed by the creation of crescent-shaped lagoon.

Here, a range of hotel facilities nestle amongst coconut groves and jungle foliage, offering a retreat that captures the unique spirit of this tropical island in a distinctly luxurious built environment. Clustered on stilts along the lagoon shore, hotel rooms are designed to maximise privacy while offering direct contact with views, sun and sea breezes.The private villa development extends up the slopes of the extinct volcano, with a range of residence types laid out to take advantage of the spectacular views available while preserving the distinctive natural environment.

The entire development is bound together through sensitive landscaping and use of naturally occurring features such as the richly vegetated valleys that carry rainwater run-off down the slopes of the volcano.Designed to be as self-sufficient as possible in terms of use of natural resources, the scheme incorporates natural ventilation alongside a host of strategies including rainwater collection and grey water recycling, solar thermal cooling, photovoltaics and wind turbines.

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