Palazzo Volpi

Palazzo Volpi

Private Houses
Campo S.S. Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy - Build completed in 2016

Palazzo Volpi

LINVISIBILE as Manufacturers

LINVISIBILE is the lead manufacturer of interior flush to wall doors 100% made in Italy, with 30 years of experience delivering to our clientele products and services of exclusive design and elevated quality.

Our business model is focused in offering a full service from support in the projecting phase to the installation on site; providing our customers all that’s necessary to create unique spaces, thanks to our wide experience in developing highly customized products of extraordinary design and materials.

Due to LINVISIBILE’s international mindset and experience, we have been honored to take part of some of the most exclusive developments in diverse areas of the globe. In this document, we are proud to showcase one of these endeavors and show you a token of what we are able to deliver.

Palazzo Volpi is an ancient Venetian palace, dated back to the 13th-century, transformed into a luxury accomodation - consisting of 4 sumptuous apartments - in the heart of the Serenissima. The romantic atmosphere of the lagoon city is also found in its refined interiors, a sophisticated compilation between classic and modern. Linvisible’s sliding doors, all coated in glass, elegantly reflect the spaces, amplifying the perception of the interiors. Doors like masterpieces, curated to the detail, with exclusive recessed handles also coated in glass, provide with fluid movements, silent and precise. Along with the sliding doors, Linvisible has furnished the Filo 10 Hinged doors of the entrance, coated in precious natural wood. Functionality and beauty, uniqueness and security, all this in Linvisibile systems.

Furnishing specifications

For this project, LINVISIBILE provided approximately 20 highly tailored doors, in a variety of typologies, finishes and dimensions.

In addition to furnishing our doors, LINVISIBILE offered a complete service experience supporting our clients in the design phase, transportation and installation.

Products furnished:

MAREA | Pocket door

ALBA | Filo 10 Hinged door

ALBA | Hinged door


- MiraStar® Glass (Saint-Gobain)

- Veneered wood, moka brushed oak

Project team
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