Palm Suites

Palm Suites

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Palm Suites

Loto AD Project as Architects

The colonial and exotic soul traces the true mood of my project, a light renovation on an ancient scaffolding made of wooden ceilings and exposed bricks. The wooden plank floor with a continuous spine is the background to a tinted gray color on the walls obtained from natural colors that go to oxidize over time. The doors and the frames are lacquered in glossy pearl gray to give a vibrant light.

The furniture is intentionally very colorful, with alternating natural fabrics and African printed cottons and hand-woven polypropylene textile fibers, color and exotic patterns dominate all upholstery as well as bed headboards; vienna straw in the headboards fabrics printed in palm and floral, the interweaving of polypropylene that characterize the furnishings are a recurrence that enhance the connection between the views of the gardens of the holes and the interior of the apartments almost to create an indoor outdoor immediate and natural. La Palm is the protagonist in the walls and lamps, and binds the mood of the project in a symbol of which the suites also take its name. The bathrooms are covered in woven synthetic fiber tatami and a mirror band is the frame.

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