Parco Acque ai Cappuccini - WELLNESS CENTER

Parco Acque ai Cappuccini - WELLNESS CENTER

Simone Micheli
Gubbio, Italy | View Map
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Parco Acque ai Cappuccini - WELLNESS CENTER

Simone Micheli as Architects

The “Parco Acque” is the new wellness center that “Park Hotel ai Cappuccini” reserves to his guests from last spring.

We can define Simone Micheli’s work as an introspective journey whose destination is “relax”. Let be together harmoniously an ancient structure matrix (a seventeenth century monastery) with future design and technology: a challenge that Architect Micheli has won working on the concept of wonder. The project is a dense connection of stories and truths, from the past to the future, imbued with the history and with the genius of a timeless place as Gubbio is.

The main area of the wellness center is the pools zone where Simone Micheli says “the fluid and multiform matrix of the water is wonderfully exalted by bright, fun and interactive interior design” A playful, dreamy and enterprising mood is the result of an amount of different elements such as: the stranding mesh holding in the air a gigantic jellow ball, a “curl-fountain” faucet and a rounded boardwalk in order to separate the swimming area from the first whirlpool zone.

In this area – where Simone Micheli has skillfully highlighted an existing murals by Arnaldo Pomodoro – there are also an upstream swimming pool and a “fun pool” for children. This amazing area is linked with the outdoor terrace through an extensive floor to ceiling window. The swimming zone is directly connected to a more intimate area dedicated to the relationship between human and water: a flotation bathtub suitable for meditation and relaxation, a huge magnesium pool with anatomic chaise longue and a circular whirpool tub.

The bathroom area shows the tireless nature of Simone Micheli who has designed a large basin where water is delivered by a sort of “proboscis” coming from the sky while on each toilet door are installed monitors equipped with in loop videos. Eraclito’s sentence “panta rei” “everything flows” could be the right way to explain this environment where design and lights work to be like a fluid philosophy for souls. In the future, Micheli will focus also on the outdoor area, planning the garden design and integrating the park with the wellness hotel.

The unique experience that customers will have, is the proof of how Simone Micheli works: the architect works like an artist in order to generate memorable emotions and to create a link with people. During the planning, Simone Micheli worked a lot on the historical properties of the land where “Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini” is. Due to this, the architect has built this project around few words that can describe Gubbio and his history: wealth, experience, wonder and enchantment. The design of the spa for the Hotel ai Cappuccini proceeds in perfect harmony with the history of the city and for sure it is going to be a new chapter for the story of this Italian tale.

For the Hotel guests, Parco Acque is going to be a new reason to remember their holiday in this timeless dimension where each element, also the oldest, is exalted in the “future-oriented” work of Simone Micheli.

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