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Pati Blau

Pati Blau

Fran Silvestre Architects
Valencia, Spain | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Diego Opazo
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
ManufacturersTres Grifería
Jung serie 990Jung
Racks and push buttonGeberit

Product Spec Sheet
Blau Collection
Jung serie 990
Racks and push button
by Geberit

Pati Blau

Fran Silvestre Architects as Architects

It was in the Muslim era when the so-called farmhouses were concentrating the population of the Ribera Alta, although some of these settlements had an Iberian origin. Over time these population centers have become places connected to the big city in a simple way and with an enviable quality of life. With all the good that the proximity of a large city offers and all the advantages of living connected to the territory and its culture.


The project emerges as an interpretation of this typology. The delicious bankruptcies of the plot are regularized with the servants of the facilities, a gymnasium and storage pieces, drawing the outline of a regular patio. In this way it is possible to understand the ground floor as a continuum with the garden and the pool from where you can enjoy the favorable climate in this population.


On the upper floor the private areas are arranged, separating from the lower level of the house and looking for a fenestration system as opaque as possible to maintain privacy. The facade had to be continuous to give a coherent reading to the urban front, the garage part helps to solve this question. Always fascinated by the point of coincidence on the Alejandro de la Sota façade in Tarragona or countless projects in the work of Aires Mateus, the elevation is resolved with two holes joined at one point, maintaining the heiPati BlauPati Blaught references of the only lateral façade. currently built.


We like to think of this house rooted in its immediate surroundings as are the traditional farmhouses and open to the powerful blue shade of the sky in this area.


Material Used :
1. Climate control - Air conditioning. Proinbal
2. Electrical fitting - Electricitat López Palau
3. Mechanisms Mechanisms - Jung serie 990 empotrados
4. Lighting - Foseados en falso techo. Luminaria lineal led, Sistema GLINT Enrique Ferer ligthing.

1. Paving Mármol - Blanco Thasos
2. Grass - Césped La Plana

1. Interiors | Gypsum cardboard plate with a matte water-based enamel finish.
2. White lacquered DM board paneling
3. Bathrooms and kitchen | Black marquina florín marble cladding
4. False ceilings | Smooth plasterboard plates

1. Walls and ceilings | Matte water-based enamel. Pinturas Utival.

2. Interior Carp. - Puertas de paso y armarios DM lacado blanco. Fuster Alonso
3. Exterior Carp. - Carpintería Cabañero modelo visión
4. Glasses - Doble vidrio templado. Cristaleria Berol.

1. Outdoor Furniture Blau Collection by Fran Silvestre GANDIABLASCO
2. Interior Furniture Mobisa Martínez Medina

1. Sanitaryware Toilet | Serie Inspira Round (Roca)
2. Racks and push button (Geberit)
3. Griferías Tres.

1. Led lighting inserted in mirror
2. Mechanisms Jung serie 990

1. Equipment - Matiz Concept

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