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Rafael Diéguez


OOAA Arquitectura as Architects

This is a complete renovation of a 90 sqm flat in the centric “barrio de Chueca” in Madrid, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The aim of our client was to rent the flat, so we created an open layout that integrates the different uses. The kitchen is not only open to the dining room, but its the same space.


Also, corridors were eliminated, so we cross from one space to the other directly, concentrating in the uses relation. So as to make this relation consistent, we can cross from the social area to the most private area – the bathrooms – via the bedrooms, so the bedrooms are the connections.


Due to the small size of the flat, we decided to have concrete for all the floor, in order to eliminate barriers between different uses and create a spacious effect. All the walls are finished in mixed limes matching with the concrete floor so we get a monochrome box, adding warmth with the birch wood doors and wardrobes, of course all OOAA design. Vintage furniture is placed to make the clean and ornament free architecture warm and cosy.


Material Used:

1. Walls in OOAA lime finish

2. Beech wood carpentry

3. Vola faucets

4. Linen curtains and bed clothing

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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
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