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Pharmacy renovation

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Pharmacy renovation - Petroupoli

Innovo Constructions as Designer & maker

One of the most contemporary and sophisticated pharmacies in Greece is completed by the INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS. The pharmacy of Mr. Nikos Maragkoudaki in Petroupoli is one of the great challenges in both construction and design level. An area of ​​100 sqm is the store which can cover every requirement and be unique for the particular design.

The most important parameter in designing was the huge variety of products to be placed, together with the robotic system. This task was complicated and special. Our aim therefore was to combine smart, functional and contemporary design with the appropriate display and targeted promotion of the products. For this purpose, a group of people with expertise worked methodically in design, manufacturing level and on merchandising. Thus, through a series of research projects, we were able to make true the new philosophy of pharmacies based on contemporary and targeted interventions in an area that provides the service to people with special abilities.

The illuminated structure in the entrance predisposes the client immediately for the style of the interior design. The research of the equipment was made at every stage of our study resulting in a set of furniture that highlight both the space through the excellent quality of materials with the appropriate illumination.

The central element of the pharmacy is an illuminated structure which 'unfolds' around and above the selling area, which marks and characterizes the pharmacy, while the module is a special product display. The modules for display are extended around the shop in conjunction with the provision of customer service at every point of the store. Proper organization in the reception area gives the desired privacy between customer and employee while facilitating more direct customer service. Finally, the inextricable link between the inside and the outside makes even more dynamic design.

Proper organization and extended schedule are the key elements for the timely completion of the project as the team of experienced people in the construction were asked to provide solutions to everyday issues that raised during the implementation of the project. One of the most challenging construction issues of this Pharmacy renovation was the track lighting. The lighted complex structures that contributed to the ceilings, walls and furniture require proper cooperation of many different disciplines. At the same time new technological requirements and installation of the advanced robotic systems raised new issues during the implementation which were solved with determined and studied solutions.

The completion of this project established a new base in the way that the pharmacy is realized today, by the visitor-client and the manufacturer himself. These new requirements created new data in the project of this pharmacy, aiming to improve selling without forgetting the role of design and aesthetics to a new place.

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