Prajay Chit Funds

Prajay Chit Funds

Design Experiment
Ramkote, Koti, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Project Year
Abhitej Velore
Product Spec Sheet

3M™ Scotchcal™ ElectroCut™ Graphic Film Series 77253M
Royale Matte Interior PaintsAsian Paints
Jenna 3W Led Fixturesbeta LED
Essen Snow Roller BlindsD’décor
Eco Class 32/AC4 (Daffodil) Wooden FlooringUnitex

Product Spec Sheet
3M™ Scotchcal™ ElectroCut™ Graphic Film Series 7725
by 3M
Royale Matte Interior Paints
Jenna 3W Led Fixtures
Essen Snow Roller Blinds
Eco Class 32/AC4 (Daffodil) Wooden Flooring
by Unitex

Prajay Chit Funds

Design Experiment as Architects

Architects use design to develop trust in an industry fraught with scandals.

Intention and identity were the two challenges presented to design experiment When asked to renovate an old building for a chit funds office. The intention of the company was clear, to instill confidence in the chit funds offices' potential customers. The chit funds industry has been fraught with scandals, from owners shutting shop abruptly, to refusing to pay up to its customers, so the architects came up with a novel way to propagate trust amongst its patrons. A simple design intervention in terms of installing a large continuous scrolling LED strip, broadcasting how much the company paid out to its customers that week.

The designers felt that, by increasing such evident transparency, it would be possible to earn the trust of its patrons. One of the other undercurrent of this project was that The entire office needed to be designed and built in 45 days, so the designers chose to go with a design language that would try to stand out without disrespecting its surroundings, and that a brick façade would be detailed specifically to be rapidly constructed. The second task of creating an identity not only through its space but also through its graphic language and branding was handled by DE.

DE used this opportunity to create a unique blend of stability + forward thinking by combining the offices' façade with its modern branding. The interiors of the building combine environmental graphics of simple minimal quality with clean and crisp visual communication to emphasize on the company's forward thinking and transparent brand values.

Project team
Rotterdam Central Station by Team CS (Benthem Crouwel, MVSA and West 8)
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Rotterdam Central Station by Team CS (Benthem Crouwel, MVSA and West 8)

Shopping Centres, Subway Stations and Train stations
Rotterdam, Netherlands - Build completed in 2014
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