Race Planet

Race Planet

architectenbureau cepezed
Delft, Netherlands
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Race Planet

architectenbureau cepezed as Architects

The first building ever to be specifically designed as an indoor go-kart track. Situated along the A13 motorway near Delft, it contains four stacked tracks that collectively form the longest and most spectacular indoor go-kart circuit in Europe. The structure and elaboration of the building shine in their simplicity. The tracks are accommodated in a completely transparent box sixty metres long, fifty metres deep, and twelve metres high, within which a separate volume for catering and offices has been placed. The catering part is situated on all four levels and contains bars and an à la kart restaurant, among other things. Large glass sliding fronts offer a splendid view of the racetracks. The catering and offices are accessible via a glass lift and a staircase, and are heated by a combination of convection and underfloor heating. The warmed air of this volume is blown across the go-kart tracks which are further unheated and not insulated. The removal of exhaust fumes takes place by means of mechanical ventilation and via the façades which are partly self-ventilating. The technical installation ducts have been left visible, just like the slender, minimum skeleton construction with floors of concrete hollow-core slabs. The glass façades allow the full incidence of natural light during the day and also connect the racetrack to the dynamics of the adjoining motorway. When the artificial lights are on in the evenings, the speeding karts are fully visible from the motorway, and the premises function as one huge advert for the activities within. Whereas indoor karting used to be accommodated in rundown factory halls on desolate industrial estates, the sport has finally found fully-fledged accommodation in a modern building at a fitting location. Race Planet was awarded the National Steel Prize 2000, and is run by former Formula 1 driver Michael Bleekemolen.

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