Recycling Center

Recycling Center

Strindberg Arkitekter AB
Kalmar, Sweden
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Joachim Grusell

Recycling Center | Strindberg Arkitekter

Strindberg Arkitekter AB as Architects

Recycling center with an uplifting environment The household waste lit de parade, my colleague Rolf kindly said. This recycling center is located at one of the city's main entrances, also a very sensitive spot for waste management. The driving force behind the recycling center at Kullö was to push the boundaries of what a recycling center can be and symbolize. Waste can be seen as a resource, instead of garbage.

The facility form follows the site and nature. The same shape and same material for the recycling as for the patio, providing an opportunity for a short rest with a view over the city and the water. The facility provides a subtle impression during daytime with its curved glass screens. The spark of light, changes the character during the hours of darkness - creating a greater experience of security. It has also been discovered that the damage is much lower than at other recycling centers making it almost completely free of vandalism.

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