Red House
Thomas Stöckli
Product Spec Sheet

Pure Mineral Based PaintKEIM
Swiss Cutom Kitchens ManufacturerForster Steel Kitchens
Facade Plastering System and PaintGREUTOL
Swiss Custom BlindsKästli Storen
Lamp in Atelier RoomNUD Collection

Product Spec Sheet
Pure Mineral Based Paint
Swiss Cutom Kitchens Manufacturer
Facade Plastering System and Paint
Swiss Custom Blinds
Lamp in Atelier Room

Multi-Generation House in Wetzikon

JOM Architekten as Architects

Rebirth of the "red house" as a denser version of its former self. This new multi generation house with different apartment types from one to five rooms was built as a replacement for an 85 year old single family house. It stands on a street corner that is passed to enter the residential district on top of the "Morgen"-hill, behind the house. A double-height artist workspace facing north towards the intersection marks the public importance of this place.

The characteristics of the early 20th century Wetzikon residential house was reinterpreted with contemporary means: A vertical volumetric appearance, classical, symmetric facades and a vertically structured red stucco on a clam shell brick construction. Massive concrete window sills and an exposed concrete socle following the hilly terrain strengthen the house's solid apperance.

Placing the staircase in the middle of the house allows for an orientation of the apartments in four directions and offers further single family house qualities in the dwellings. The main entrance lies on a mezzanine and there are several double-height spaces. The parking garage is the largest space and has no coloums, because its ceiling is hanged from the central stairs' core – so it can be properly used as party-hall, too.

Aesop Gough St
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Aesop Gough St

Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong - Build completed in 2018
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