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Removal Renovation of Chen Huacheng Memorial

Removal Renovation of Chen Huacheng Memorial

Atelier Archmixing
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Removal Renovation of Chen Huacheng Memorial

Atelier Archmixing as Architects

Originally being located in a magnificent Confucian Temple in Riverside Park, Chen Huacheng Memorial Hall was now to be re-accommodated in an adjacent commercial building of zigzag plan with surface renewal. Atelier Archmixing persuaded the client to change this façade renovation program into that of a spatial reorganization. Familiarity and Quietness are two features the designer wants to embody this commemorating structure. Open gallery, a frequently used and relatively material saving building typology was employed. Four sloping roof linear galleries with different length and width enclosed the existed building, forming a continuous gallery space, constituting courtyards of various sizes and shapes with the zigzag boundaries. In this way, on one hand, it effectively enlarged and regulated the space and volume of the old building, maximally extending the visiting route, consequently gifting this humble structure with formal and decent appearance, rhythmic spatial order and a proper serious atmosphere. On the other hand, by remaining the original blank walls, which is necessary for interior exhibition, the galleries resulted in an open boundaries integrating with the surrounding environment.

In order to avoid visual shock to everyday users in this park, the design applied not only traditional building form and tectonic but also common materials and modest treatment. The exterior walls and concrete columns were covered with plain cement, the timber columns, beams, rafters were all painted dark, and those modern and accurately connected detail of timer and steel structure were oiled into black. Because Atelier Archmixing holds the position that, for those renovation of ordinary buildings in everyday context, controlling the design power and desire with an emphasis of architectural application instead of creation are valuable attitudes and approaches with the new potential to explore intrinsic strength of everyday life.

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