Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Aluminum FramesArteal
External FloorsBraston
Closet DesignCozitec
Closet Design, Wooden DoorsDemarchi & cia
Outdoor Fireplace – Bio FluidEcofireplaces

Product Spec Sheet
Aluminum Frames
by Arteal
External Floors
by Braston
Closet Design
by Cozitec
Closet Design, Wooden Doors
Outdoor Fireplace – Bio Fluid
by Lumini

Residence EL

Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados as Architects

Developed in different blocks, Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados designed a residence that brings the contrast between concrete and wood

The extensive and complex program for this home was signed by the brazilian architecture office Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados that adopted an architectural party subdividing its functions into different building blocks.

A set of volumes with different functions, connected by circulation axes, solved the extensive and complex program in a light and articulated way with the irregular shape of the corner and the assent with the topography of the terrain. The volumes were arranged and distributed in a more appropriate way to take advantage of the sunny faces and coexistence with the outside and the countryside landscape.

The block with the support areas is located on the south side, forming a traditional system of coated masonry and white paint. This volume outlines and embraces the main of 2 floors in apparent concrete on steel stilts all facing the northeast and for the most pleasant view of the landscape. A third volume, with a lower second level, houses the guest suites and on the lower one the spa and sauna. Away from the house, the volume is connected by a pergola and glass cover.

The residence results in an L-shaped implantation, bypassing the pool patio at an intermediate level, in a harmonious implantation with the original topography of the land, prioritizing the use of the areas outside the corner, in a discreet and respectful relationship with the streets and the neighboring houses.


Material Used :
1. Closet Design: Ornare/Cozitec/ Demarchi & CIA
2. Barbecue Grill: Viking Range Corp. Brasil
3. Aluminum Frames: Arteal Artefatos de Alumínio
4. Outdoor Fireplace – Bio Fluid: Ecofireplaces Lareiras Ecologicas
5. Indoor Fireplace - Gas: Casa & Asins Comercio de Acessórios
6. Lamps: Lumini/Luxsim/ Fasa
7. Marbles and Granites: AM Comercio de Mármores e Granitos
8. Landscaping Implementation: Toca das Flores
9. Vertical garden: Verde Vertical Brasil Arquitetura
10. Wooden Pergolas: Segmento Ind.e Com. De Artefatos de Madeira
11. Wooden Doors: Demarchi & CIA
12. Pool Flooring: Pedras Palimanann
13. External Floors: Braston/Solarium
14. Sauna: Solar Projetos e Construções
15. SPA: SPA Versati
16. Apparent Concrete Treatment: Topseal Comercio e Serviços de Tratamento Superficie

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