Rope Wave Office

Rope Wave Office

Usual Studio
Shanghai, China
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Tim Wu

Rope Wave Office

Usual Studio as Architects

The “Rope Wave Office” located at QSW Culture Center in Shanghai is only 170 square meters. At a lower budget, Usual Studio helps the owner shape this small office space into an innovative office where small-scale design team and startups can work together and share resources.


Taking into account the special needs of the creative office environment for the functional space, the project got rid of the traditional old-fashioned workspace and had a highly efficient space layout. Designers spend most of the day in the studio together, so the space also pays more attention to the ecological of the office space and the emotional resonance of the user. At the same time, the design value of “Rope Wave Office” is not only reflected in the internal use, but also the external promotion value, becoming what others think the "other's office".


“Rope Wave Office” is Lin’s first interior design project. He broke the traditional pattern and changed the space state from the perspective of architectural design, solved the contradiction between the inherent pattern and functional requirements, made the small space realize multi-function. The open main office space eliminates the closed and old impressions. The floor plan of two circle shapes streamlined in the open space shows the function and make the room usage more efficient.


The floor plan of two circle shapes streamlined in the open space shows the function and make the room usage more efficient. The original space below public staircases was transformed into a small, open and multi-functional composite space. The wooden hollow ladder can be used as a bookshelf, and can also be used as a step classroom or corporate culture display area. The negotiation area at the other end of the space can also serves as a resting place for the user. The blackboard wall can record the ideas generated by the design workers. The new spatial layout makes the functional blocks more flexible and open, helping to increase user productivity.


Lin Jingrui believes that “altering the space is like wearing comfortable clothes on the body. The new clothes designed to make the space more comfortable.” The beauty of the material and the lower cost of ropes won the recognition of designers and owners. The warm logs, the sturdy ropes and the channel steel with strong industrial properties outline the space with a very simple and authentic texture. Rope weaving as a spatial partition, defines the function of each space and produce small into large space experience. Dynamic waving rope interface, like a new clothes for the space, cover the original beam-column system to make office more energetic.


Collaboration and development are the two main propositions of “Rope Wave Office”. Designers focus on the most basic work environment, sharing and opening up all office space, creating a creative environment that is closely connected with the users. The warm and rough rope creates a warm and comfortable office environment for the user. The office is decorated with warm colors and elaborate lighting and furniture. The avant-garde appearance and the space temperament create a comfortable and friendly space.


In the process of landing the project, there are various unforeseen problems. Fortunately, Lin Jingrui and his team, owners and construction can unite together, and in order to make the works have better results, they even reworked. “Rope Wave Office” won many awards at home and abroad, and won the "JuryWinner" and "Popular Choice Winner" in the 2017 Global A+Awards Architecture Award. That made “Rope Wave Office” attractive to many small-scale design team and startups, and popular to users.

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