Rosanflor Florist

Rosanflor Florist

Avd Diputación nº1, Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain | View Map
Project Year
Adrian Mora Maroto
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Table lampFlos
Decorative LightingEstiluz
FlooringVives Azulejos y Gres S.A.
Ceppo Di Gre
Technical LightingArkoslight S.L.

Product Spec Sheet
Table lamp
Decorative Lighting
Alfi by Estiluz
Ceppo Di Gre by Vives Azulejos y Gres S.A.
Technical Lighting

Rosanflor Florist

estudiHac as Architects

Floral Creativity in Contrast with Solid Architectural Materials.
Under the creative direction of Jose Manuel Ferrero, estudi{H}ac has designed and completed an all-new type of Flower Shop concept in Ontinyent, Valencia. To create this new space, Jose Manuel Ferrero got inspiration from three main elements as the starting point: Earth, Water and Light.


The challenge lied in transforming the basic elements of nature (the environment where fantastic floral elements are found) into something material, something constructive that could provide the envelope for the new flower shop.


The EARTH was the basis for creating a palette of desaturated beige and terracotta tones. The element of WATER was used in the project in the form of a special textured glass featuring geometric flowers. The use of LIGHT was the most technical part of the work as the idea was to produce lighted atmospheres in a practically invisible way to make the flowers the real focus. The space is divided into two important areas, a first area in gallery style where customers are presented with the floral arrangements and a careful selection of decorative elements and a second area with the floral arrangement and supply room.


The contemporary commercial premises contrast with the solidity of the architectural characteristics such as the desaturated beige ceramic terrazzo flooring and the central piece in the flower shop - a large sculpted counter combining an imposing marble Rain Forest Green block by Levantina, topped by a large brown KRION piece custom-designed for this project. It’s a mix of unique and original materials full of personality which bring design and authenticity to the space and concept created.


Elegance and a surprising touch are provided by the ALFI lamp sitting on one of the corners of the counter. The synthesis of sunlight is reflected in this lamp concept. Right behind it and parallel to the counter is a large textured glass curtain separating the flower shop from the backroom where most of the flower arrangements are done hidden from view. It’s a space with a lot of natural light beaming through the glass which creates a visual illusion of a water curtain in movement with the rather irregular floral arrangement work behind contrasting with the ephemeral softness of the flowers in front of this custom-made glass.


Finally, there is a large terracotta brick wall with custom graphic machining featuring a mobile shelving system to bring flexibility to the flower arrangement and decorative ceramics displays.


Material Used :
1. Flooring: Vives Ceramica
2. Coatings: Levantina, Krion, Edger, Terracota
3. Technical Lighting: Arkos Light
4. Decorative Lighting: Estiluz

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