Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw

Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw

(designed by) Erick van Egeraat
Warsaw, Poland | View Map
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Christian Richters

Royal Netherlands Embassy

(designed by) Erick van Egeraat as Architects

The Royal Netherlands Embassy is situated in a predominantly green residential area near Lazienski Park in Warsaw and combines the chancery and ambassador’s residence. The client’s objective was a design that reflects the Dutch tradition of transparency and openness. Inspired by the Baroque though modest style of Tylman van Gameren, a Dutch architect who influenced Polish architecture in the 17th century, the chancery is designed to be light and translucent – reflecting the scenery. Retaining most of the trees, the new complex radiates a park-like quality and adds value to the green landscape. The residence is conceived as a villa in a park, its stone exterior reinforcing the concept of an independent element in the environment.

A public courtyard between the two buildings allows views out into the landscape and a feature gate with an organic design combines with a glazed screen to create a second layer to the chancery. Natural stone loggias connect this ‘open’ outer wall to the exterior envelope of the building. These elements mediate spatially between the street and the new embassy. As a result, the Dutch Embassy is both part of and enclosed by its surroundings. This integration of the setting into the complex emphasises the individuality of its components, expresses their coherence and creates an open and inviting complex that radiates the client’s philosophy.

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