Residential Landscape
Shinjiro Yamada


OUVI as Architects

They have lived in their working place and a daily space in downtown area in Tokyo for 25 years.Now that they have retired, they decided to have a house where they can spend their whole life living.In their original place, it was very congested.Due to lack of space the couple share the TV so while they're watching the wife is simultaneously cooking too.However this kind of situation often creates discomfort that is why they decided to have their house renovated.They chose to stay in their original house because it meant to them very much and they are used to it already but they wanted to improve their lifestyle and use their space more efficiently.Therefore the important thing in reorganizing the existing plane of the square is not changing the physical vector from east to west.

Then we can now dismantle the two small spaces.In the center of the plan, there is a column with a 45 degree-angle.It projects two rooms by creating a mirror illusion between celling and the floor and at the same time connecting the two dismantled spaces.By using this illusion we have projected a new house to the couple and at the same time keeping the old house that they are comfortable with.

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Tilt Roof House

Private Houses
Jipyeong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea - Build completed in 2014
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