Santa Monica Parking Structure

Santa Monica Parking Structure

Behnisch Architekten

IPD International Parking Design

Jantzen Studio
Santa Monica, United States | View Map
Project Year
Car Parks
Christoph Jantzen
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SupplierBartenbach Licht Labor
manufacturerRolf Jensen & Associates

Product Spec Sheet
by Otis

City of Santa Monica Parking Structure by Behnisch Architekten with Studio Jantzen and IPD International Parking Design

Behnisch Architekten as Architects

CoSM Parking Structure #6 is a public parking structure in downtown Santa Monica serving several major local and tourist destinations.

At Second Street, the public realm is a dynamic overlap of retail, pedestrians, bikers, motorists, landscaping, and opportunities to sit and rest. This structure is unique, however, in that the public realm does not stop at the ground floor, but continues up along the entire building face. The dynamic circulation zone at the façade invites all parking patrons to make their way to Second Street. This reduces way-finding confusion which plagues most parking garages.

Patrons cascade up and down an exterior diagonal stair, which weaves in and out of the plane of the façade. The façade is pulled away at the diagonal stair, bringing the movement of people to the fore. This serves a twofold purpose: first, to ensure safety in visibility, and second, offering unique ocean views.

The parking structure provides spaces for 744 cars, 91 bicycles and 19 motorcycles. In addition to that, 30 spaces are available for electric cars, where they can charge their battery. These charging spaces can be expanded up to 130, when needed.

The façade functions as a light-enhancement screen which is carefully crafted to bring light deep into the building structure, while eliminating harsh glare at the edge. This screen is composed of metal panels, which are folded outwards to catch and redirect high angle sunlight into the depths of the structure. The portion which remains unfolded is perforated to allow for the passage of low angle light directly into the garage, and to provide a high degree of visual transparency. This combination allows for a greater amount of light to enter the garage over a longer period.

From the street, the highly transparent façade appears busy with the passage of people, and the constant ever-changing backdrop of cars. The façade not only provides a functional lighting aspect for the parking structure, it also creates a strong identity, enlivening the streetscape.

The Santa Monica Parking Structure #6 is LEED Gold certified.

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