Sherle Wagner LA Showroom

Sherle Wagner LA Showroom

MJ Sagan Architecture
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Project Year
Eric Laignel


MJ Sagan Architecture as Architects

Reflecting the fresh, dynamic culture of Los Angeles interlaced with its classic sophistication, the first Sherle Wagner Showroom on the West Coast expresses a new way to see an established brand. The 65-year-old company is steeped in heritage, with a strong traditional market, and with the launch of the new showroom it seeks to embrace the next generation of architects, interior designers and end users. Traditional displays are balanced by an iconoclastic capture of the Sherle Wagner product line. The dark, wooden cladding at the front entrance of the one-story stucco building welcomes clients amidst a garden with water cascading on marble sinks and a refined bathroom display with an ultra-modern, custom light fixture of SW cherubs, towel bars, and fittings.

This marriage between traditional extravagance and modern non-conformism continues throughout the interior space, where products are showcased as art in a gallery-like atmosphere under the wallpaper weave ceiling, while other timeless bathroom fixtures are recast in vibrant, graffitied decor. Collaborations with artists weave together the art and architecture of the space. The wood cladding from the entrance continues in the private garden, framing the modern, minimalistic space with a geometric, rustic backdrop. The unexpected presentation of SW’s high-end products gives the brand a new vocabulary with which to speak to clients, while the overall space embodies the spirit of the SW manifesto, as

“courters of the over-the-top, meticulous with details, relentless with quality… the nemesis of the ordinary, enablers of the extravagant, molders of the magnificent, disciples of the precise.”

Project team
Fireplace Accessories Designer
Vignette Sylist
Landscape Designer
Product Specifications
Sherle Wagner InternationalSherle Wagner InternationalPlumbing fittings, wallpaper
142 South Street
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