Showvila La Pineda

Showvila La Pineda

Jaime Prous Architects
Girona, Spain
Private Houses
Roger Casas
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
kitchenBoffi s.p.a.
Pavement walnut WoodListone Giordano

Product Spec Sheet
by Flos
by Inalco
Pavement walnut Wood

Showvila La Pineda

Jaime Prous Architects as Architects

The landscape, the sky, the forest… silence is broken because of the soft and sweet sound of trumpet progressively ascending. The house is a fortune instrument who touches the space where the viewer is the landscape. The trumpet sits on the ground, without barriers nor limits, discreet and introverted from the street, open and extroverted to the garden. Three acts form the principles of this house:

Space. The house is formed by three enclosures that, together with the porches, are articulated to leave an empty space (patios). In this house, a fourth element is suggested: the closed porch, an outside space in the interior, intended to be the access and main distributor of the house.

Light. The light comes in in different forms: direct, rebounded, sieved and filtered. The house is projected as a succession of filters to give different natures to the space. A first filter on the outside, horizontal, rough and white. A second filter on the inside, vertical, soft and delicate.

Material. Two opposing materials are used. White color loses its aseptic character when working in different textures: from the uniform plaster, to the expressiveness of the brick. In contrast, the dark and soft walnut wood is dedicate to all these elements that will be touching directly to its inhabitants: carpentries, handrails, floors, …

Project Credits
Uber Advanced Technologies Group R&D Center
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