Slovakia Pavilion EXPO 2015

Slovakia Pavilion EXPO 2015

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Pietro Baroni

Slovakia Pavilion

EXPO 2015 S.p.a as Contractors

The Concept Slovakia: a country that is variegated and colorful that offers everything that you could wish for in a small space. Its participation at Expo Milano 2015 is based on two pillars: historical, cultural, natural variety, and the symbiotic synergy of a number of social, cultural and natural environments. How can we provide energy for life? Slovakia responds with the symbiosis of biodiversity in place of specialization, competition and differentiation, since biological abundance can feed the world and provide energy for life. Even in the agricultural ecosystem of a country renowned for endless fields of wheat, there is a coexistence of all elements of the food chain, from small farms to large power plants. Its strategic position at the center of Europe, and the presence of so many biogeographic regions close to each other, form a treasure trove of variety that is Slovakia. The pavilion, which covers a total area of 1,010 square meters aims to present different approaches and perspectives for an innovative and inspiring symbiotic coexistence, between tradition and modernity, global and local dimension, reinforcing Slovakia’s role as a vital source of know-how on the theme of feeding the planet and providing energy for life.

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