SM Sea Residences

SM Sea Residences

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SM Sea Residences

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SM Sea Residences

With the current minimum wage being a mere $200 a month, housing remains a problem for working Filipinos. Most workers live far away from business districts and renting takes at least one third of their earnings. With that, owning a property becomes a luxury. There are existing real estate companies with booming projects in the Philippines. Unfortunately, their market is targeted to expats and overseas Filipino workers. And so the simple solution is to come up with this:

Build a new market, make a luxury affordable.

The Sea Residences under the SM Development Corporation is targeted to those who have been aspiring to have their own place conveniently located in the Mall of Asia Complex.

Most designers challenge the element of form, challenging the traditional boxy architecture that is convenient to construct. Most designers automatically think outside the box, leaving it unused. What we did was to make use of the box, utilize it, therefore insuring our designs are feasible. The Sea Residences was completed in 2012.

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