Small Atelier

Jun Igarashi Architects inc. as Architects

This is a plan of a small atelier. The site is a quiet residential area located in the north of Sapporo City. The atelier was hoped for there as parting of an existing main building. As the program, the practice and the announcement association etc. of the space and flamenco for the painting were possible space, storage room, and small kitchen, the rest room, and the roasting room, etc. were requested.

As for the scale in the building, it decided to about 30㎡ according to the cost etc. , and the site planning and other states also started the inclusion study. First of all, to secure a visitor and private parking space, the building is arranged at the center of the site. Then, the spreading line can be exchanged, and choices of the outside wall increase. As a result, it leads to the cost reduction.

Next, it thinks about the main two different usages. There are as much as 30㎡ and it is enough though the painting depends on the size of the picture. If it is several scales, the practice of flamenco is enough areas. Only when used as an announcement association, it becomes a little tight space when becoming it. It thinks about other conditions etc. at the same time by imagining a simple form like the stage and the seat, etc. 

I wants to give the limited space of 30㎡ and to give the extension of the space on not a physical area but consideration and psychology.

I have thought many times like this in the past. The person makes the psychological condition of imagining the opponent from making half transparent wall at one stage, the strong, optical, rugged existence of the opponent, and seeing dimly. I wanted to give the extension of the space on such psychology to this space. Then, four functions other than the typical application are evenly arranged, and the same size as of each door is installed. I wanted to recollect the extension on psychology though it was recognized that the opponent had the function by the state where this door was consecutive.

It squeezes it like the choosing amphitheater on the north side while securing a minimum stability lighting as the atelier at the same time. On the other hand, it becomes not horned to round and the depth of the space becomes vague. Moreover, the door is consecutive, and the space on psychology or more amplifies to this rounding wall. The lighting room is made as a method of taking light in the south besides the stability lighting on the north side. Light from the south assumes the state of the diffusion light, and, in addition, adjusts light by the lighting room because it is strong by slight opening and shutting of the door.

It was thought that it wanted to acquire the sense more than a physical space though it was a small space.

Small Atelier

WEST inx Ltd. as Manufacturers

This is a work called “Small Atelier” by architect Jun Igarashi. Surprisingly, six of door knobs (Agaho 194) are used in the same space.

Mr. Igarashi said that he personally prefers door knob to lever handle. He thinks that “lever handle has a strong feeling of ‘hooking,’ I like to grasp and pull instead. Perhaps that’s because I value the feeling of resistance.”

One of the reasons why the door knob is preferred is because it doesn’t reveal the scale of the space from its size. It appears as a dimensionless point. As an item that doesn’t break the overall image and atmosphere, why don’t you try door knob?

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