Spiral Garden

Spiral Garden

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates
Awaji, Hyogo, Japan | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Kaori Ichikawa
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Water Faucet (Kitchen) - JP369300GROHE
Walled Thermo (Toilet) - TMGG44ECRTOTO
Water Faucet (Toilet) - LF-E345SYCLIXIL
Chimney (Kitchen) - FY-9DPG2L-S, Water Closet (Toilet) - XCH301RWSPanasonic
ManufacturersCeramica Catalano

Product Spec Sheet
Water Faucet (Kitchen) - JP369300
Walled Thermo (Toilet) - TMGG44ECR
Water Faucet (Toilet) - LF-E345SYC
Chimney (Kitchen) - FY-9DPG2L-S, Water Closet (Toilet) - XCH301RWS

Spiral Garden

Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates as Architects

This project consists of a private residence located on Awaji Island on a 1000m2 site. The house comprises a functional program for a single family, featuring a spiral layout with a furnace located at the center. The roof structure rises towards the center, allowing warm air from the furnace warm up the space during winter, and promotes a continuous summer wind airflow.


Learning from the traditional construction methods from the region, all walls were finished in a woven bamboo lattice covered with soil. The floor uses a technique called Tataki, a hard-packed earthen floor, resistant to high foot traffic consisting of earth, lime and water, beat until solidification.


The green-roof is a spiral garden hosting different plants. Rainwater is carried down through the spiral channeling it towards a reservoir while soaking the plants. Water from the pond cools down the summer winds before entering the house.


The landscape of the entire site was planned as a closed cycle including an energy generation systemwhich also works as a playground for children- an outdoor kiln, a bath and a compost toilet. With thepassing of time, this project is expected to fuse with nature, resembling a natural organism in harmony with the environment.


Material Used :
1. RINNAI - Built in gas stove (Kitchen) - RHS72W22E4RC-STW
2. Panasonic - Chimney (Kitchen) - FY-9DPG2L-S
3. GROHE - Water Faucet (Kitchen) - JP369300
4. UNION - Door Handle - UL821-002S
5. Tform - Bathtub (Toilet) - FLN72-4304
6. TOTO - Walled Thermo (Toilet) - TMGG44ECR
7. Panasonic - Water Closet (Toilet) - XCH301RWS
8. LIXIL - Water Faucet (Toilet) - LF-E345SYC
9. Tform - Wash Basin (Toilet) - ADF70-2603

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