Stazzo d’Aldia

Stazzo d’Aldia

Private Houses
Sardinia, Italy - Build completed in 2017
Simone Florena

Stazzo d’Aldia

Altromodoarchitects as Architects

Designing in Sardiniameansdealingwith a landscapecharacterized by the Mediterraneanshrubland, lagoons and jaggedcoasts, butalso with an ancienttradition of elementaryruralbuildings: “lo stazzo”, stonehouse made of a linear sequence of single rooms, each open on the outside, separated by enclosedwalls and with sloopingroof. This small realization, 200 meters from the sea, is a contemporaryreinterpretation of thattypicalrural building of Gallura. Like the ancient coastal “stazzi”, in a dominant position on a hill,close to the lagoon and the beach, the projectprovides an elementaldevelopment of rectangularunits covered by sloopingroofs, positionedalong the north-south axis, with few and small breachs on the long sidesorientedeast and west. The partition of the houseintoseveralunits and the detachment of themallows to "catch" the landscape, causing intermediate spaces: a closed patio on two sides, centeredbetween the living and the sleeping areas, provides its part of nature and representsthe heart of the outside life of the house.Thesimple and linear facades, made of granite in various colors, have on the twogables of the living room large back word glasswalls wide open on the landscape. Compared to the “stazzo”type, which strictly closed the north and south prospects, this is the mostevidentbreakthroughsolution. The pure and elementaryview of the building isstrengthened by the fewmaterialsused - corten, stone, plaster and cotto tileson theroof - and by single recurringelementssuchasgutteredcanals.

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