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STS Cafe

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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STS Cafe

Design spirits as Architects

STS Café is a sidewalk café situated at the outdoor of a prestigious shopping mall, Starhill Gallery along Bintang Walk which is the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It is standing next to Sephora, one of the largest chain cosmetics stores in worldwide.

STS Café is a Kiosk of Starhill Tea Salon which is famous with its genuine Teas from all over the world. Now, its introducing its signature Freshly squeezed Orange juice and Authentic Spanish Churros. It is a café for Take-away and Dine-in, there are patio tables and chairs with parasol placed on the pavement nearby the café.

The building is a two-storey stand alone polyhedron architecture designed for a cosmetics flagship store. The location of the café is attached to this polyhedron structure, it leads to consideration of following the existing shape or goes against it. Many studies being done towards the polyhedron shape and volume by model-makings and materials research. Finally, it was decided to go along with the existing polyhedron shape.

It is apt to be a deep impression towards Polyhedron shape, the actual design process required many adjustment of Color / Material / Texture / Detail dimensions to achieve and keep the atmosphere which is not only elegant but also contemporary. It is a contradict direction from the typical type of tea salon. Color scheme was decided as Walnut brown / Silky Beige / Brassy gold consistent with the corporate color of Starhill Tea Salon. The combination of each colors including Polyhedron itself will directly become the final facet of the café. Many experiments being done to balance the volume of the café with the existing building’s outlook through model-makings.

Considering the café is located at outdoor, it will likely face heavy sun light and rain throughout the day, depends on the seasons. Therefore, it is necessary to select durable materials that able to stand any kind of environmental conditions. The materials for three colors were decided as timber (recyclable material) for outdoor use, colored glass, and brass with coating.

The actual construction work of Polyhedron was quite difficult to fit the edges and vertices. Materials were pre-cut in factory, yet many adjustments of the detail parts had to be done at the site and it required few times amendments. Regardless the size of the project, it took 3 months for construction, finally it led to the completion.

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