The Backyard

The Backyard

Group DCA

Amit Aurora
New Delhi, India | View Map
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Andre J Fanthome

The Backyard

Group DCA as Architects

Sited amidst the busy streets of Green Park, New Delhi, Group DCA was asked to create a café cum bar that calls itself the Backyard and even amidst the framework of chaos, provides an aura of relaxation and happiness by means of every detail. The client brief called for a casual hang-out place that would be perfect for a Sunday brunch or a Saturday evening as well for friends and family. Conceptually, it was envisaged as a unique café space that would transform the mood and endow the visitor with a feeling of being in the backyard as the name suggests. Creating an oasis in the middle of the chaotic street that typically hovers with traffic, the intent was to exploit the views, whilst crafting a restaurant space. Planned in a manner that enables a leisurely experience while sitting on the terrace or next to a window, the visitor gets an experience of the world whizzing by. Demarcation of space is enabled by means of plants and trees that augment the natural ambience, while reducing the sound that is generated from the movement on the streets nearby and vice-versa.

The lower floor with wooden flooring has a central long bar and serves an exemplary example of amalgamation of exterior landscape with the interiors by means of large glass windows. These are created next to the seating arrangements and bring in plenty of natural light during the day.The plants and trees outside have been lit up to create a feeling of being outdoors at night, and transform the space into a nice party place, while being relaxed and casual. The strategically, asymmetrically placed antique mirrors on the exposed ceilings craft a myriad of reflections creating a dynamic that adds drama to the interiors. A white brick wall with lighting fixtures breaks the monotony of the monochromatic color palette.The chairs and tables on the lower floor are designed to be at adjustable heights, thereby redefining the look and purpose of the space by transforming it from a seating space to a standing one.

The terrace revolves around a central pergola structure which has layers of fittings in it and innovative lighting fixtures hanging gently from the pergola. There is only a layer of loose gravel on the existing floor of the terrace to provide a feeling of being outdoors. A bar on one corner has been positioned with sufficient open space in front of it for people to hang around. The overall design intent was to go beyond the mainstream and utilize things that one would sort of throw away and use in their backyard. To capture this essence, the furniture is created out of crates and barrels and the stools are made out of industrial metal, and reclaimed wood. A Lot of the accessories and accents have been picked up from the Kabaddi (like the old bottles used for lighting). To add further to the rustic and raw element of the space, the toilets have also been made out of metal.

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