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“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; To me they are one.”

Luis Baragan

We belief that Architecture and Landscape is one single thing made from elements interlacing seamlessly into one another into an experience. We have a mission to explore potential of full integration of Architectural and Landscape elements. The Base Downtown is a Condominium project for working residences of Phuket. With conveniences of an urban location, the development is calling for a touch of vacation experience of Phuket.

The approaching image begins from a distance as a respectable residence. The overall pallet is warm, white and bright, rendered with rigid architectural texture to give a residential feeling. A touch of luxury is composed at the entrance and lobby area with wall and ceiling panels of timber trellis. Only through the main lobby, reveals the pleasant contrast between rigidity of the external and softness of the internal.

The project consists of two building surrounding an internal courtyard, screening away contextual interruption, creating a ‘Private Sanctuary’ with bright, open, airy, beach like atmosphere. Light blue water surface and sandy color deck finish create breezy feeling of a nice sunny day on a beach.

A linear swimming pool stretches out to combine with water feature elements creating a long continuous water surface, framed by a gentle curved lines running through full courtyard length. The curve and pattern were inspired by nature, from the branch pattern to stem and veins of a leaf. The curves start from the center of the courtyard and grows like any living elements consistently onto the building internal façade, creating a slight movement, just enough to create a spatial flow

The curve lines flow through different parts of the projects, turn into different landscape and architectural features, and contrast with a few rigid corners that turn inward to break the monotony at the right moments. At some part of the façade, the lines split open, creating green pockets where façade planting to  spur out, to soften and diffuse the building mass into soft, calm and pleasant sanctuary for residences to rest their hearts and souls.

Full Integration of Architecture and Landscape helps a development to express the design concept more powerfully, to be more than a functional built structure, to be the place of life and happiness where the residences can truly call their home. 

Cafe Polet
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Cafe Polet

Moscow, Russia - Build completed in 2020
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