The City Next

The City Next

Beijing, China
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Xia Zhi

The City Next

anySCALE as Architects

Chinese developer CR Land hired anySCALE team to create an ultra-dimensional exhibition space, that would deliver a futuristic and ethereal experience to its venue in the vibrant Future Science City. The two-floor showroom has been supposed to correlate the innovative style of the government-funded regional project in the north of Beijing city, which is the Future Science City.


The exhibition space of the City Next houses multimedia facilities on one floor and a multi-function area with models and exhibits for real estate projects on the other. Here the designers’ team had to find the solutions to create a comfortable space and at the same time with the huge leap ahead into the future. The functions of the exhibition hall were integrated into a futuristic space, combining intelligent lighting control and embedded audio and video systems, as well as the progressive scenes to guide customers. The biggest challenge that anySCALE faced was that the lighting, video, audio, and control systems are all unified and coordinated. Thorough and meticulous work has been done by every specialist in the team to bring this unique idea to life.


The ‘top’ of the design is the metal mesh curtain “SUPER WALL”. The designers have created a special wall installation system by means of mirrors, glass and led lights in order to follow the general concept. The metal mesh curtain, called by the team as “SUPER WALL”, with embedded and hided lighting and air conditioning systems, has been invented to keep the ceiling as empty and pure as possible, to provide spacious feeling and more natural light into the venue. This truly futuristic and innovative idea is the highlight of the whole space. Additional zests in the project are on the second floor, as it has been fitted with a suave beverage bar and sci-fi style washrooms.


The team decided to use unique materials and bold design strategies such as the dream-like ‘breathing’ and ‘soft’ metal walls achieved using diffused reflections, space immersion settings with intelligent lighting and audio systems, a mirror-surface elevator, and progressive visual scenes to guide clients and visitors to move through space almost intuitively. Moreover, healthy office furniture, Dyson lighting, and a complete air filtration system have been introduced into space. The anySCALE architects and designers are guided by a strong belief that the most important issues and values of the future will still be human health and happiness. In the futuristic ambiance of the exhibition space of the project technology and human nature seamlessly combine.


Despite ingeniously integrating the future technologies into the space design, the team introduced the other details and visions of the future, for instance, the suspended plant ball filled with water mist that is a collision and combination of metal elements and green plants, demonstrating the various states of future plants’ life. The location ‘spirit’ determined the City Next concept for the architects and designers to keep the balance between the tech solutions and a warm aesthetic, the designers matched it for the premises overall idea.

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