"The strange City" Monumenta 2014

"The strange City" Monumenta 2014

Paris, France
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© Yohan Zerdoun

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov build "The strange City" for Monumenta 2014 at the Grand Palais. Paris, France

Yohan Zerdoun Architectural Photography as Photographers

The artists have taken up the Monumenta challenge with the creation of a utopian and mysterious city, both monumental yet intimate.

This new installation is inspired from the Renaissance, Romanticism and modern science, and is the synthesis of a long artistic career. Infused with the artists’ Soviet origins, The Strange City takes visitors on a journey through dream and reality.

This year, Monumenta takes on the form ofan initiatory journey in which Kabakov questions the human condition and “the great visions of progress, science, and human upliftment that couldhave led to the brink of disaster.” (Ilya Kabakov)

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