The wave House

The wave House

Architect Seppo Mäntylä
Mikkeli, Finland
Project Year
Hans Koistinen

The wave House

Architect Seppo Mäntylä as Architects

The Wave house is a log house. Walls are made out of glass and log made of spruce The curved roof is the most outstanding part of the house and it is constructed of curved steel beams and wooden beams between them. Thermal insulation and it’s ventilation is combined within the structure. Outer water isolation is felt.

The roof’s sidings are made of painted plywood. The Wave house was originally designed to a sloping plot with a nice view in Moscow but in the end the project was not realized there. The brief then was to design something really eye- and mind catching. Mikko Vainionpää, owner of supplier Polarlifehaus Ltd loved the design and showed a wooden scale model to everybody he met and people were amazed about the design. One of his friends was so amazed and crazy enough that he decided to build the house and the new plot was a perfect match with the wave house design.

Of course it was fantastic to find a new client with perfect plot for the design. Many things were altered inside the house but concept and shape were untouched. Most unique feature of the wave house is the curving shape. These kind of shapes have been used in public buildings but realizing these shapes in a one family house is very demanding and unique. Another interesting thing is that the Wave house is in a way a prefab house. It can be customized for client and also enlarged with a lower level that can be around 100 – 600 m2 while the shape of roof and upper floor remain. Actually the original design in Moscow had a lower level with 300 m2 floor area.

Material Used:

1. Polarlifehaus Ltd - facade window system - HTWS

2. Polarlifehaus Ltd – log structure 

Project team
Product Specifications
Polarlifehaus Ltdfacade window system - HTWS,Log Structure

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