Through the Depths

Through the Depths

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Through the Depths


It is with incessant and intense efforts that brilliance comes out...

It is with unrelenting focus and passionate perseverance that the outcome gets magical...

Through the Depths is an ode to such passion, endeavour and intent... that results in a ‘Gem’, which is a marvel of nature.


A gem that is delicately extracted ‘Through the depths’ of the earth and finely crafted by the ones who care.


Fabricated over a period of nine months, as a symbolic portrayal of constantly changing life, the installation represents the process of extraction of raw stone from the depths of the earth and its subsequent refinement into an aesthetic symbol. Standing 12 feet tall on an elevated stone surface from the ground in the manufacturing unit of Stonex India – a leading stone and marble brand, it is conceived as a mutable depiction.


The erected structure is connected via a stainless-steel wire to a stone globe that is crafted out of an exotic stone, epitomizing the brand’s identity of quality and luxury. Crafted in 316 grade stainless steel which is ultimately mirror-finished, the installation is enlivened by its audience and transforms itself with the perpetual changes in the surroundings.


As patrons enter the building, they are greeted by the illustrative surfaces that capture their attention and endow them with the awareness of the environment. Emulating transformations - of day and night and the seasonal and atmospheric changes, the installation embodies the dynamics of nature. The state-of-the art unit itself is reflected in the surfaces of the disc, presenting their own exceptional creation to be appreciated by the audiences.  


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