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The Forum Ciel project arises from the idea of transformation as a guiding concept. Taking as a basis a space not used (roof and helipad), and transforming it in a workplace with green areas, the space not only WINS functionality but gives the city an area with live, is a positive change. Based on the icon of the double drop (Ciel), created an organic space that responds to the metaphor of water "bathing" of the transforming spirit to the building.

Having pre-existing elements in space, as the structure of the heliport, the Ciel Forum is designed to take advantage of the use of the existing structure, at the same time that houses the space of collaborative work (Coworking space) and generates green areas.

Organic perimeter ("splash" or Amoeba), consisting of a cur vo glass facade, generates a space game to enter and exit the footprint of the heliport, creating these organic spaces that go hand in hand with the dynamic work of the interior style. Also the relationship interiorexterior, providing green areas which have access to the users, both at the level of the roof, took into account and on the roof of the Forum in what was formerly the heliport. Thus were created three levels with green areas that generate the effect of "infinity pool" (or pool without limits) to have the Chapultepec forest in the background.

Regarding the environmental impact, various aspects were taken into account during design and construction, to minimize environmental damage and even generate a positive impact. For example, the "industrial" aesthetic of the project is intending to leave many elements (installations, ducts, etc.) of apparent way to avoid the use of extra materials in finishes. In addition, existing elements of the structure of the heliport and from other areas of the roof, for parts use in stairs, new structure and railings were recovered. Integrated clean technologies, such as use of solar panels to help power, capturing rainwater for irrigation of green areas. And clearly, a positive contribution to the environment aspect is the integration of the green roof, which in addition to providing oxygen, represents the transformation of unespacio died in a living area.

Other attributes of the design, in terms of positive environmental impact: -Lighting by LEDs (low energy consumption) -Water base paint to the structure (not emit VOC gases). -Electrostatic paint for furniture. -Local of most pieces of furniture production. -Green roof (adds oxygen). -Use of recovered materials (OSB wood). -Use of materials of low impact and/or contribute to certification LEED (floor).

The terms of architectural program, the interior layout was designed in parallel with the selection of furniture (and even designed some specific furniture), with the idea that users can move the pieces of furniture according to the needs of individual and group work, and to re-configure (or transform) the inner areas with ease. The Interior will have flexibility of long-term use.

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