Twin House

y plus M design office Co. as Architects

The house is located on an overcrowded residential area in Kouchi city. We planned the house to be filled up capacity of the premise whose size is width 6 meters * depth 17 meters. We tried to reduce voids to keep the building coverage ratio less than 60%. On the other hand the void which occupies about 40% of the premise is used as a parking area for two cards, a courtyard which includes stairs and a terrace.

The house is filled up capacity of the premise. So it is concerned that the house gives a feeling of pressure to neighbors and that ventilation and sunshine lighting through the courtyard because the outer wall is high.

To resolve these concern we designed the house that is divided into two house volumes. So that the two house volumes fit the neighbor’s house and reduce the feeling of pressure. To ensure the sunshine into the courtyard we save the height of the house volume. And to ensure ventilation we made the courtyard connect to the parking. As the result we can manage line of sight from the courtyard and rooms inside to sky. And it realizes sunny, opened and well-ventilated courtyard.

The client’s friends get together at the courtyard to enjoy both inside and outside space through the stairs. And a herringbone array gate satisfies both security and privacy for the people.

We designed elongated house in accordance with elongated site. In addition further elongated design around the courtyard ensures enough sunshine and ventilation in each room. We also designed glass curtain wall around the courtyard. It ensures line of sight among each room and breadth of space more than the real dimension.

We set a fan with temperature sensor on top of the house. The fan works as an exhaust heating in summer and a circulator in summer not to use air-conditioning equipment as much as possible.

The twin house is a special house that two house volumes connect each other and become one house. The house doesn’t need turning on lighting at afternoon because of the bright courtyard. The house also provides bright and well-ventilated living environment and pleasant space where friends come together and enjoy.

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