TWINS - Symmetrical spaces

TWINS - Symmetrical spaces

Private Houses
Valencia, Spain - Build completed in 2017
Alfonso Calza

TWINS. Symmetrical spaces

Ramon Esteve Estudio as Architects

Located in a building from the thirties in the town centre of Valencia, the Twins apartments are based on symmetric floor plans that share an interior patio and a staircase. The container’s original features are perfect due to the lavish height of the ceilings, the wide windows and the natural light provided. The design’s idea began with the will to create two cutting-edge dwellings with state-of-the-art technology systems and to integrate them in a building with a historical value. In order to do so, the window frames have been restored maintaining their original style.

“The two apartments have been designed at the same time following the same design codes, although the result for each one of them is unique because they use independent criteria for colours and materials.”, Ramón Esteve.


A balanced but unique palette of materials has been selected for each dwelling, in such a way that the wooden floors have the same tones than the metallic taps, glass panes and smoked mirrors. New materials have been used in the kitchen, such as metal or special matt-lacquered boards or solid countertops.


The linear lighting is hidden and integrated in the design of both apartments, in such a way that it generates different ambiances. Singular lamps are also used at certain points of the house, such as the hall or the dining room.


The layout has been adapted to take advantage of the existing conditions, thus generating wide, light spaces. The circulations are arranged by a longitudinal corridor that connects all the rooms. The living-dining room is opened to the kitchen, being the space they share subtly divided just by a change of material on the floor. The retractable doors of the kitchen cabinets can hide all the appliances and generate a calm, ordered space. The main bedrooms, with their own bathroom and dressing room, are placed on the opposite side of the apartment. The furniture, from the upholstered headboards to the toilet furnishings, has been custom-designed to fit in the set.

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