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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Bathroom wall tiles Colorker
Madison Collection
Air conditioning – HVAC Samsung
Maldives range
Kitchen / bathroom counters - Bianco PurCORIAN® Design
Flooring – Cerdisa Punto Zero CenereFibonacci Stone

Product Spec Sheet
Bathroom wall tiles
Madison Collection by Colorker
Air conditioning – HVAC
Maldives range by Samsung
Kitchen / bathroom counters - Bianco Pur
Flooring – Cerdisa Punto Zero Cenere


GSQUARED architects as Architects

This expansive residential home in Camps Bay fulfils a brief for a large family house to be split over 4 levels, each serving a unique function as per the clients request. The design consists of a combination of vertical and horizontal elements with 2 ‘floating’ roofs above. The main vertical element is the tiled feature wall which creates a buffer to the dominant Southeaster wind as well as privacy to the next-door neighbor. The feature wall is disconnected from the rest of the house by a 2 storey high window and skylight. By doing so the living room on first floor gets maximum daylight but not direct sun due to clever positioning of various overhangs and use of performance glass and results in immaculate views of Camps Bay beach, Lions head and Table Mountain and ample daylighting throughout the year. Large clerestory windows beautifully frame views in every direction while carefully maintaining privacy from overlooking neighbours.


The rise in elevation on this site allowed us to introduce multiple outdoor living terraces and the landscaping design forms a major component with multiple planters and gardens on all levels creating natural privacy and soft elements to off set the angular design of the house.


The house was divided into two sections which are linked via the central courtyard and kitchen on first floor. By having all family bedrooms and bathrooms located at the back of the property privacy is created naturally with the front of the house having the more public spaces for entertaining and living. The central position of the kitchen and courtyard with views of the rest of the house ensures the family can be in different parts of the house without being visually separated.


The courtyard has been placed on the North side of the house using the house as a buffer for the Southeaster wind allowing the courtyard to be used year-round. The pool was also placed on the East West axis allowing for the longest possible length and natural heating by the sun.A generous open plan living space blends with the outdoor terrace and pool to create a spectacular and luxurious entertainment space.


The design intent was minimal but warm colors and materials. Timber was used for flooring, ceilings, privacy screens, wall paneling and all joinery. The timber elements are complimented with off shutter concrete, natural stone cladding and Fibonacci tiles creating a pallet of natural materials that are timeless and will age well.The owners were very involved in the process and chose strong colors for the furniture and their art and photo collections are on display throughout the house.


Material Used :
1. Engineered Oak flooring Rubio monocoat – Flooring – Vicenzo Range
2. Corian Solid Surfaces - Kitchen / bathroom counters - Bianco Pur
3. Fibonacci Natural stone tiles – Flooring – Cerdisa Punto Zero Cenere
4. Colorker Argent – Bathroom wall tiles – Madison Collection
5.Hardwood decking – 1st floor balcony finish - Garappa
6. Colorker Argent – Feature wall tiles – Madison Collection
7. Exposed aggregate – Drive way – custom mix by WODC
8. Marble Plaster – Pool finish - Poolcrete
9. Various – Sanitary ware – refer to attached brochure
10. Marmoran paint – Exterior wall paints – Aztec range
11. Midas paint – Interior wall and soffits – Midalux 230
12. Samsung Air conditioning – HVAC – Maldives range
13. Suspended fire place – custom locally made
14. Built in barbeque – Signi Fires
15. Performance glass – exterior glazing – Solar E

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