Veramonte V

Veramonte V

Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos
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Veramonte V

Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos as Architects

For this apartment located west of Mexico City, Sobrado + Ugalde arquitectos welded both architecture and interior design to create separate environments using translucent elements that can be moved to integrate or close the spaces according to the different needs of its inhabitants. The result is a multifunctional space with a naturally sober atmosphere in which the materials colors —steel, wood, marble— highlight all the details and the crystals glimpse the spaces generating diverse layers of privacy.


Upon entering the apartment we are received by the most important visual finish framed by two steel plates creating hallway with a marble that gives a different texture from the one of the whole project. The perspective is fringed by steel and wood modules that place the cellar and a hidden door that leads to the guest bathroom, kitchen, and service areas.


The plafonds define each area by changes in color and texture, in the same way as the wooden wall that goes up to the ceiling and is topped with a steel piece of furniture and mobile modules that adapt to the needs of the user. All the lighting was designed to give the correct emphasis to the accessories and art of the apartment aiming to highlight them and to have the ideal amount and temperature of light. This indirect and direct lighting game creates a warm atmosphere with the possibility of having several automated scenarios to give different facets to the same space depending on the occasion.


All the furniture was done by a company from the same firm, the brand MAPER (Custom Architecture Furniture). For some areas different original pieces were also selected, such as the Jean Prouvé chairs. The balance between the light colors and the wood floors are contrasted by the gray tones of some walls, the steel details and the black wood accents creating a complete atmosphere in which the modernist inspiration is sensed

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14 social housing units and 2 commercial premises
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14 social housing units and 2 commercial premises

Social Housing
32 bis, rue des Trois Frères, Paris (18ème arrond.), France - Build completed in 2021
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