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Realized project of a premise V & V the house

Studio 68/32 as Architects

Architects: Tatyana Dmytrenko , Vitaliy Dorokhov
Category: club
Location: butyshev lane., 23, Kyiv
Status: realized in 2017
Area: 340 м2
Photographer: Vitalii Dorokhov
Realized project of a premise V & V the house
Reconstruction of the premises of the ground floor, the ground floor and the second floor
Historical building in the center of Kiev.
On the ground and the ground floor is the first Ukrainian Fashion Museum.
Victoria Museum - a place of beauty and new experiences.
Goals of the museum:
- Create a modern interactive exposition space for presentations of costumes, accessories.
- To form a permanent exposition of costumes with regular new thematic expositions.
- Create a space for communication and development of fashion collectors, lovers and professionals.
- To preserve the unique, cultural and historical atmosphere of the building.
Everyone has the opportunity to find in the museum exactly what he needs: someone will discover for himself a costume of understanding the historical moment and its uniqueness, someone will think about their clothes, style, someone will raise their own level of culture, and someone will just spend a great time, be filled with impressions and emotions

Historical information about the building:
Andriy Ivanov Street runs from Glory Square to Moscow Street. One of the ancient streets of the Pechersk. In the eighteenth century it was called the Street of Spereska. Since 1803 known as Boutishev Lane. The parallel name is Lane Shestovsky. The modern name since 1940
The lodge №23 is located in the quarter of streets: Aistova, Andriy Ivanov and Sichnevogo lane.
From 1899 to 1909 the estate belonged to Smolovskaya L.F. Between 1090 and 1914 he belonged to the merchant Chernoyarov LP, after 1914 belonged to A. Spergalsky
House number 23 is located in a solid building on the red line of Ivanov Street. Three-story, brick, erected in the late nineteenth century. in an eclectic style with a predominance of neo-Renaissance and pseudo-anti-Roman forms. Almost rectangular, with a small take-off at the expense of the passage, consists of two sections with one exit, organized in the courtyard.
House number 23 belongs to valuable background development.

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