Morioka, Iwate, Japan
Project Year
Private Houses
Nacasa & Partners

WEB:private residence

N MAEDA ATELIER as Architects

WEB is made of very simple rules.

Instead of the common method of taking a predetermined rectangular planar form and working out a puzzle how to arrange the rooms in a well-behaved manner, we take one large cuboid (white) and violently thrust into it five small cuboid boxes (exposed concrete) of different sizes and directions. Externally, it appears to have many protrusions, but the concept of WEB is to live in that space full of protrusions, as it is. This is the extent of the architectural configuration, so there are no other partition walls, and the three layers of the building form a complete single-room space. However, transparent glass is placed between the boxes, thus creating living space "between" the boxes as well. This means that the dweller selects suitable venues for living programs above, in side, below, and between the boxes created by the "insertion rules", and can live as he/she chooses. This method means that, instead of first determining the functions of the rooms and the aligning the rooms within a square room in an orderly fashion so as to have some sort of consistency, the "rules" for configuration come first, and then later the dweller finds places suitable for living. Thus, all space except that requiring plumbing can be changed in any way. (The client sometimes brings a blanket to the kitchen and lies there, to watch the moon through the box inserted from above!) Also, each of the five boxes are so-called "GARDEN" devices and WEB is an architecture which only functions when all five devices are compounded.

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