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Wenquan Xinjing Resort

Wenquan Xinjing Resort

SAA Architects
Kunming, China
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Wenquan Xinjing Resort

SAA Architects as Architects

‘Wen Quan Xin Jing’ is a spa resort home development located at An Ning, the western part of Kunming City. An Ning is well-known throughout China for its natural spring and the master plan strives to highlight this natural characteristics of the vicinity. This is achieved through the seamless integration of the urban and natural environment. With the main entrance located at the south of the development, an imagery north-south axis runs across the site with central communal spaces at intervals. Surrounding these communal spaces are clusters of the resort building block or ‘living units’, to create identity and order among the blocks. The ‘living units’ are positioned to face south, towards the scenic water body and are arranged in a manner to maximise views and privacy. Similarly, the design approach to the exterior of the ‘living unit’ also focuses on the integration of the natural environment and the built form. It adopts a contemporary tropical architectural design to blend with the environment. A combination of natural stones and textured paint for the walls with timber screens and glass for the openings are selected as building materials for the blocks. The use of these materials gives a balance of natural and man-made and also’ lightness’ to the whole building. The colours are thoughtfully chosen to blend in with the surrounding environment. To further achieve the integration of the natural and the built form, the landscape is significant not just visually but also acts as a unifying element between the built and natural environment. Several communal spaces and a water element are created along the northsouth axis, with ‘living units’ attached to it, thereby creating a sense of order and visual relief. These communal spaces are designed not only for viewing but also areas where outdoor activities can take place. The water element is designed as a meandering river flowing from high to low ground with bridges linking to the living units. These water elements flow from the south and north to the centre of the site where the rejuvenation centre is located. Water signifies life and the convergence of these water elements evokes the feeling of life. The importance of the rejuvenation centre as the design concept of the development becomes alive in the quest for the third dimension. The Rejuvenation Centre, located at the centre of the site, is the ‘life centre’ of the development. The Rejuvenation Centre comprises of a 2 storey and a partial basement SAA Architects Pte Ltd building. The main purpose of the centre is to provide spa facilities for the visitors. Extending out of the Rejuvenation Centre is a nature island with several spa pavilions. These pavilions are interspersed within the natural environment where the visitors will discover nature and men, and the balance.

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