White Hills

White Hills

INK Architects
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
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White Hills

INK Architects as Architect

White Hills – unique cottage complex in Nur-Sultan city.


One of the main ideas of this project was using only sustainable construction and surfacing materials, the creation of private green territory that away from noisy tracks. It allowed designing a small town with own microclimate and well-developed infrastructure while it situated in the center of cultural life.


Architecture composition of a complex represents in the form of a honed elegance and laconic simplicity. Made in best traditions of modern classics with accent elements of modern, strict linear exteriors of a White Hills made of a light stone, metal and wooden panels inserts. This combination of materials gives to monumental and strict facades the architectural dynamics and the image of comfort home.


Location: Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Project year: 2015

Type: Residential town

Plot size: 2,3 Ha

Building area: 6 614 m2

Stage: Completed 


Project team
Arnhem Rozet
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Arnhem Rozet

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