Wohnen am Frankfurter Tor

Wohnen am Frankfurter Tor

GBP Architekten
Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany | View Map
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Anastasia Hermann

Wohnen am Frankfurter Tor

GBP Architekten as Architects

The property at Frankfurter Tor is located in an exposed location in the Friedrichshain district in the middle of a residential and business district with typical Berlin apartment buildings. It also borders on the listed building ensemble designed by architect Hermann Henselmann along the Karl-Marx-Allee / Frankfurter Allee.


The apartment ensemble with student apartments and micro apartments comprises a total of 567 apartment units with 485 student apartments and 82 micro apartments, with an attractively designed courtyard.


The approximately 10,400 m² site is located at one of the most important traffic junctions in Berlin and is parallel to Warschauer Strasse. The building, which was previously used exclusively as an office building, was build out of Precast reinforced concrete construction in a closed reinforced concrete skeleton construction. Reinforced concrete columns along the external walls and inside the building as well as the reinforced concrete ceiling form the basic supporting structure. It was completely gutted and received an additional staggered floor during the renovation. In addition, in the courtyard two new buildings were constructed in reinforced concrete.The part of the building facing the Frankfurter Tor received a roof structure as an additional staggered floor.


The exterior walls were given a mineral thermal insulation composite system with a smooth plaster surface. Windows and doors of the facade consist of thermally separated Aluminum profiles with triple glazing. All windows are equipped with an electrically operated sun protection out of textile screens. The color design of the facade refers to the green octopus and the dark green penthouse on the copper roofs of the towers at Frankfurter Tor. In addition to that are the Facade profiles with a transparent powder coating with a raw steel effect. The windows have horizontal rungs division, which is based on the adjacent towers.


The inner courtyard is designed as a multifunctional green oasis for recreation with communal area and seating islands. At the edge of the existing building and the New buildings, the green areas are grouped in correspondence with the interior. Also many spaces for bicycle parking are available.


In the inside the spacious lobby serves as a central attraction and invites to linger through various niches. The entrance area includes other publicly accessible areas such as seminar and event areas, laundromat and retail areas, fitness studio and deli / restaurant. In addition, the use of the terraces is kept open for small seating areas and catering facilities. The ensemble is complemented by the micro apartments, which has a private entrance area with a light and Forest staging. The micro apartments are 25sqm and 39sqm in size and with the most comfortable Equipment and custom-made furniture lovingly designed.

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