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Project • By Vizdome SpaceWorkshops

Studios and housing for artists «Up»

Creative process is a way of creating something new and unique. Achieving the pinnacle of his /her skills an artist constantly moves up and forward. The project slogans are «painting on the walls is allowed!», «be yourself (crossed out) better version of you», «you are unique individual!» The Big Idea is the idea of white box. Nobody knows what is inside. Maybe it’s a gift. Or a package. Or… It is a building-box. The box where ideas and products of intellectual labor are. The entrance to the box presents itself half-raised curtain. One can look inside and see the process of creation. The facade of the building is framed with bright perforated metal panels that look like curled sheets of pap... More

Project • By Herriot Melhuish O’Neill ArchitectsCoasts

Bethells Beach House

This house and artist studio is nestled into a steep site overlooking the dramatic, black sand dunes of West Auckland’s Bethells Beach. Three timber boxes extend towards a deck that hovers over native bush. Two of the boxes house living and bedroom spaces, the third is the studio. Clear glazing at the ends of each box frame views of Nikau palms, distant dunes and the coast. Where privacy is more critical, natural light is diffused through translucent fibreglass. “... The strength of its forms belies a harmonious relationship with the landscape,” NZIA Awards Jury, 2003. Photos: Jackie Meiring.Awards: NZIA New Zealand Award, 2003. More

Project • By Black RabbitPrivate Houses

Lakeview Residence

We were inspired to create our first authentic living space to reflect our client’s desire to live and work in his painting studio. The design emulates his painting style and personal lifestyle by using natural materials, minimalist values, and bridging social context within a live-work environment. The overall form takes on an ethos of monumental simplicity which inherently captures panoramic lake views from the steep mountainside terrain. ​ As part of authentic living, this studio is entirely devoid of added paints or stains. The exterior walls are made of exposed rammed earth construction set atop a giant plinth of exposed concrete. The interior features natural plywood finishes and exposed structural beams. We focused all of our... More

Project • By HeliotropePrivate Houses

Artist Residence

Designed for an artist and an engineer, the residence is located mid-block in a downtown neighborhood surrounded by common Seattle cottages and bungalows. The design brief called for a work studio central to the layout of the house, ample white walls for a growing art collection, a strong connection to the gardens and to the life of the street, and lots of natural light. The house is scaled to fit discreetly into its surroundings, and seeks a non-fussy clarity in it’s detailing and materiality that defers to the interesting lives of its occupants.   Building Area: 3500 sf Contractor: Dovetail Photography: Benjamin Benschneider More

Project • By NeM / Niney et Marca architectesArt Galleries

Artist residency

The artist residency designed for the Pinault Collection has two components. On the one hand the rehabilitation of the old presbytery of Saint-Théodore, a small mining town, devolved to the habitation of the resident artist and on the other hand the construction of a studio in the garden.The rehabilitation of an existing building or building ex-nihilo are for us two complementary aspects of the architectural design. We wishedin this project to express as precisely as possible the specificities of each aspect which therefore involved a double challenge.But we were as well guided by the unique ambition of not presaging either the way of living or the way to work ofthe future residents.The presbytery, the living place ofthe residency, was full... More

Project • By Prentiss Balance Wickline ArchitectsWorkshops

Weaving Studio

Located on a steep rocky waterfront parcel on the West Shore of San Juan Island in Washington, this small craft studio occupies a rocky shelf above and behind an existing main residence. The clients, a professional weaver and her husband, nearing a full-time move to San Juan, requested a studio space which would house all her weaving tools: looms, dying facilities, a sewing/assembly area, and an office.In addition to using the space for her craft, it would also act as a gallery for her work as well as a meeting space for her weaving guild meetings. In addition to the weaving studio requirements, the clients also requested an overflow bedroom for guests. The solution is a generous main studio space flowing with natural light that p... More

Project • By Archi-TectonicsPrivate Houses

Chelsea Townhouse

The existing 3,400 SF [316 m2] brownstone townhouse is a landmark, located in Chelsea, NY. It will be gut-renovated and a 550 SF [52 m2] garden extension will be added with two floors and a roof terrace. The client, a fashion designer, is interested in a ‘textured’ and layered approach. The new rear extension is conceived as a light airy space which creates a filter to the garden space beyond, adding more light and better views. The new garden façade is a 3D folded steel and glass structure with reclaimed tropical palisander infill. It extends the library on the garden level, the living room on the parlor floor and creates a terrace for the master bedroom area above. The interior of the townhouse is gut-renovated; the t... More

Project • By Flynn Architecture & DesignPrivate Houses

Desert Pearl Residence

In the hot, dry desert with mountains in the background sits a cool white pearl, like a mirage in the landscape. The client – an artist and astronomer – requested a home integrating a workshop, art gallery and telescope dome. Although half its area is a workshop, the residence did not split into a living/working duality; an exhibition gallery blends the two programmatic spaces. The main staircase intersects a corner of the room, making interaction with the works of art intertwined with circulation through the house. Blossoming like a desert flower, large doors open into the central courtyard where a curved canopy with translucent acrylic filters the harsh sunlight. Tucked partially underneath the second floor, the pool’s shallow end provide... More

Project • By Levy Design Partners, Inc.Private Houses

Bloomfield Artist Studio and Garage

Located in rural western Sonoma County, the project was to replace an aging garage and add an artist studio to a pre 1900’s farm house. The design used the simple prefabricated Quonset hut roof raised on a 6 foot high concrete stem wall.The two buildings, each 20ft by 36ft, have end walls with 10x12 openings, a glass garage door and 3 folding patio doors. This allows for flexibility of use and integration of the landscape. The front structure, the garage or “car temple” as the owner calls it, exposes the ribs and the concrete on the interior. Imbedded in the concrete stem wall exterior is a stone wall sculpture from Borobudur, Indonesia.   The artist studio, of the same construction, has concrete stem walls in... More

Project • By Plan Maestro / arquitectosPrivate Houses

House and Workshop for an Artist

The requirement was a building that would accommodate an artist’s studio and residential space for occasional use as a weekend house. The 1.500 sqm site is located in Peñalolén, a suburban district with low construction density, and neighbors some undeveloped sites. This condition leaves the building very exposed to its surroundings, so the client required that the project would limit the exposure of the interior spaces and provide privacy. The project also had to be capable of becoming an exclusively residential building at a future time, so it needed spaces to allow new uses and an extension to be planned.The privacy of interior spaces was addressed by limiting and directing the views to and from the exterior. This was accomplished by arr... More

Project • By Mustard ArchitectsOffices

Nestle Studio

A new build timber clad and light filled artist’s studio nestled around an existing Silver Birch tree and existing mature garden planting. The studio is nestled into the corner of a once overgrown and neglected area of a suburban garden nurturing a prominent Silver Birch tree within its form. With an expanding family our client wanted to create a functional painting studio within their garden that retained, formed part ofand enhanced the existing landscape. The Silver Birch tree was a garden key focal point and the studio was designed to wrap around it whilst allowing light to penetrate deep into the studio. To ensure the tree survived the construction process and grow to full maturity the studio was built on piles to avoid... More

Project • By Campos StudioHousing

Hastings Sunrise Artist Studio

This project was conceived with two specific programmatic scenarios in mind – an immediate requirement for an 800sf working artist studio, secure storage, and covered parking space; as well as a future agenda to easily convert the structure into a one-bedroom laneway dwelling. It was designed prior to the City of Vancouver’s Laneway Housing Initiative, and represents an progressive approach to Vancouver’s zoning bylaws. In the artist studio scenario the finished ‘garage’ is used as a storage space, with large swing doors opening onto the lane for moving large artwork in and out of the studio. In the laneway dwelling scenario the ‘garage’ is converted into a bedroom, and the powder room expands to accommodate an already roughed-in sho... More