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Project • By Qiarq . arquitectura + designApartments

Casa Gueli

The starting point was an apartment with excellent sun exposure, intended to be practical and versatile, capable of changing according to specific client needs and situations. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia The interior wooden shutters are the main elements of this house, capable of responding to these changes. Allows have the kitchen open to the living room, as well as hiding it. Shows an office space integrated into the living room, but it also allows to hide it at the end of the day when you want to relax without thinking about work. As well, creating a privacy barrier against the curious eyes of someone unknown who knocks the door. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia Nat... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiResidential Landscape

House in Magoito

The terrain is located close to the sea, in a plot that used to belong to a broader land populated by sea pine trees, in the heart of the little town of Magoito.The program of the project is divided into two main areas, a private sunrise area (bedrooms, studio, toilets), and a common sunset area (kitchen and living).The roof is pitched and forms both the exposure needed for the solar panels and the tall ceiling height requested by the clients, a veranda provide the main source of light to the sunset area, and the setback from the neighbour’s walls forms the entrance and the garden.A house that is an abstraction of a barn. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectPrivate Houses

Greenwich House

A new two-storey split-level house on a waterfront site cascades a series of private and public rooms in response to its steeply sloping site, landscape setting, and harbour views. It provides crafted inter-penetrations of space and light across its multiple half-levels, and offers a multi-generational model in its spatial organisation to enable room for a growing family of four with permanent accommodation for the owners’ parents.   Its formal geometry is expressed as two distinct volumes separated by an open courtyard along the northern edge, and bridged by a glazed stair circulation zone for access to light, ventilation, and divergent interior views at the centre of the house – thereby reading as a singular volume alon... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Fasoula, Cyprus

The inspiration that triggered the design of this bioclimatic solar house in Fasoula, Cyprus, was the will to create a white "Z" shaped form, that was going to characterize the morphology of the building. This form is parallel to the east-west axis and serves as a passive sun protection system, integrated into the design.  The spaces were translated in volumes which created a composition that was placed into the cavities of this white form. The design is moved by simple geometries touching the modern minimalist trends, which led to the use of exposed concrete, large wooden surfaces and the use of the “neutral” white color.  The building had to be placed in a slope, so the parking spaces were made in the earth, as a b... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiRural

House in Colares

The project of the house in Colares stared with a topographical research in mind, finding the most dramatic cliff between Cascais and Cabo da Roca, for a weekend house, on the west coast of Portugal, at the closest point to the Americas on European land. The site is located in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, just between the famous Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca and the nearby Santuário da Peninha, it is part of a territory which is constellated by windmills and local production of wine. The plot itself has first been spotted on Google Maps and has been further investigated for planning permissions to the local authorities, it is located at the very end of the Rua das Piroletas in the one and the only land left unbuilt since the... More



Client liked the blue sea and sky from her parents' house in this place. A small forest can be seen on the south side. When I thought about a sunny living room with a view of this scenery, many bent plans appeared. The overlap siding that is used on the outer wall and the unevenness that bends along the ground look like a caterpillar. The name of the project was named "Bruco", which means a caterpillar in Italian.   A bright and open living room spreads out when going up to the second floor through the dark and long corridor on the first floor. By putting crazy paving on the wall that connects the living room to the terrace, and by fully opening the wooden sliding windows between the terrace and living room to create an integrat... More

Project • By SAOTAPrivate Houses

Lake Huron House

This summer house is set on the banks of Lake Huron in a small, remote Canadian town about an hour’s drive from London, Ontario. While the architectural context might be characterised as somewhat conservative “cabin country”, this house attempts to extend the possibilities of the traditional lakeside family retreat through a contemporary architectural approach, harnessing recent developments in design, technology and sustainability to connect meaningfully with its beautiful natural setting while exploringnew ways of enhancing the lifestyle experience of the family summer getaway.   While theaesthetic approach that Cape Town-based architecture firm SAOTA took might seem like a radical departure from the traditional r... More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectPrivate Houses

Starling House

The proposal for a young family entails a new two-storey house on an inner-suburban site. Its formal composition to the street and rear is a uniquely crafted and direct response to setback and building height plane controls. It offers a model for densification of a compact site to enable room for not only a growing family, yet a multi-generational proposition for increasingly extended stays of the owners parents. A thin front facade is extruded in section to the centre of the plan and pinched-in at this point to provide a covered second entry, expanding to a greater width at the rear for an asymmetric gable-end form inventively accommodating the client’s brief over both levels. The front half provides for a side driveway and off-stre... More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectPrivate Houses

Woonona House Studio

The project involves a new house and studio spaces for a sea-changing artist couple on a substantial yet narrow remnant site in the NSW south coast town of Woonona. It draws upon the typology of farmhouses that were prevalent in the area during early 19th century settlement of the town, embracing utilitarian qualities in construction methods and materials. Unlike the built pattern of the surrounding context, the proposal is comprised of a small 103 sqm plan that is organised into simply demarcated public and private zones within a low saw-tooth roof arrangement. The primary environmental sustainability initiative is in the provision of a modestly sized footprint that is responsibly small-scaled. This achieves an objective of 'compactness'... More


Alto Rodes House Renovation

Situated in Faro, this traditional building represents a very simple renovation that maintains the original character of this type of construction, merely introducing some modern updates to the obsolete infrastructure and a few basic new materials that do not compromise the identity of the house.   All the stone framework and the entrance door were recovered and kept as a reminder of a time long gone, as well as the type of flooring that, despite the fact that it was replaced, it is of the same kind as the initial one. Only the interior doors and a matching white skirting, along with a completely new bathroom and kitchen equipment and design, were imposed by this renewal, in order to complete an idea of duo-tonal contrast continuity... More

Project • By Qiarq . arquitectura + designPrivate Houses

Coli House

A family home for the family, in its most intense meaning. Free for kids run, free for parents circulate everywhere with privacy. Free to be a place where the home happen.A single storey house with communicating spaces with each other and with the outside. A room of mutable characteristics, capable of receiving everyone at family parties, able to reserve a place for play or still capable of becoming a space collected for work. Because a family home is like that, it grows, changes and evolves with us.The “L” volumetry, creates a facade for the public way more directed to do the access to the house and the "interior" of the “L”, facing south, allows to create a more intimate outdoor living space, establishing a direct... More

Project • By Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Family house AG

This semi-basement and ground floor house is located inA Coruña. It is implanted on the site considering the previous situation of the plot of land, and solving the different orientations of the volumes.   The landscape and siting of the different volumes with the slopes of the plot of land, becomes a key factor in this project.   According to this, several masonry stone platforms arise. Over them, the volumes sit with a zinc coating. The building is planned with a wheeled and pedestrian access from the street parallel to the volumes.   The project design looks for the privacy, generating privacy from the street, and opening to the backyard, which organizes the house, looking for the sights and the sun path on th... More

Project • By Angel Vera ArquitectosPrivate Houses

COME! The family is in the yard!

The customer is the concept:   We have been asked to design a single-story home for a family that lived in a building and was affected by the earthquake of April 16, 2016 in Manabi. Under this premise we began to raise the house based on the reactions of each of its members and what they wanted for the family after that fateful date in which many lost their lives and others found in it an opportunity to congregate and value the time between them, enjoying each other and sharing experiences.   The solution:   It was more than obvious for the study that a house should be designed "that has everything" but that it should not be obsessed with areas that were not going to be taken advantage of at every moment of convi-vence... More

Project • By HAS - Hinterland Architecture StudioPrivate Houses

Espinho house

The plot, localized in a periphery context, has three main conditions, a two-meter gap between the two streets that connect with it, the neighbour construction that faces the side of the plot and the high traffic street on the south side.In order to solve these problems we propose a volume in continuity with the neighbour construction, consolidating the urban front and displaying the house for maximum solar exposure. The north street, with local traffic and easy access, makes the access to the garage easier and on the south side where the main road is, we have the main entrance to the plot thru the exterior area.The house is organized in two floors, the ground floor with the social areas and common spaces: garage, entrance, public bathroom,... More

Project • By Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Family House in Cerceda

This project starts with the commission of finishing the family house, which was already in structure phase, with the basement, the pillar structure and the structural floor built.   The plot of land, with access from the North side, has a light slope, ascending to the implantation level of the building, oriented in its main axis North-South and East-West.   The project consists on a family house of square floor plan and two levels with a sloping roof, and the East roof flap nearly touching the ground. The wooden roof is supported by stone walls and wood beams, connecting the house, garage and installation spaces, generating some covered outside terraces around the house.   On the ground floor, the main entrance is loc... More