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NewsNews • 10 Sep 2021

AB+AC Architects transforms dull commercial unit into light filled multi-purpose co-working and event space

Open Hearts is an experimental center in Lisbon infused by AB+AC Architects with calmness. The center is intended for conscious gatherings, holistic learning and co-creation. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The architects combined natural materials, like wood, ceramic and stone, with tactile surfaces to create a warm yet minimalist spatial experience. Ricardo Oliveira Alves The program is organized in a sequence that flows from a public multi-purpose saloon to a private residence, divided by a hallway fitted with a striking Barrisol lightening membrane ceiling.     The multi-purpose space can host an array of activities from dance, yoga or meditation to art events, workshops and screenings. Storage compartments hidden behi... More

Project • By MC-AOffices

BOOL Headquarters

The challenge presented to MC-A consisted in designing the headquarters of a forward-thinking, custom software development, and consultancy company, that has the motto: “We bring the future into the present”.  Caption This project was envisioned to accommodate a team of IT professionals committed to overcome its clients’ biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions.  Specifically, the requirements included a work area for 20 workstations, a venue for conferences, formation and team building moments that seated at least 30 individuals, a pantry, and a chill out zone.  Caption Having sorted out the location, in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of Lisbon, Portugal,... More

Project • By Vector MaisHotels

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

With over 60 years of history, the Ritz Four Seasons Lisbon is the most iconic hotel in Portugal. The renovation was carefully thought out to maintain the character of this unit opened in 1959. When highly acclaimed Portuguese architecture studio Oitoemponto was entrusted in 2019 to breathe new life into guest rooms and suites at the Hotel, design duo Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec baulked at the idea of modernising the classic Hotel. Through close collaboration between the Ritz, Oitoemponto and Vector Mais, which carefully carried out all the renovation works, it was possible to re-imagining the past for the present, embarking on a journey to evolve the Hotel's roots for 21st-century visitors. This attention to deta... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Founded in 1981 in the United Kingdom, SAGE is the market leader in cloud management solutions, with a presence in 23 countries and more than 13.000 employees worldwide. For the renovation of its office in Lisbon, the multinational company chose Vector Mais as a general contractor in a project with interior architecture by Openbook studio. Located at the Art’s Business Center in Parque das Nações, the interiors of the SAGE office reflect its innovative and dynamic approach, providing a comfortable workspace for its employees. Entirely built by Vector Mais, the office stands out for its abundance of natural light, fluid workspaces and a large cafeteria. More

Project • By CAPN | Architectural PhotographyPrivate Houses

Casa Amaro

The contemporary 2-storey dwelling is defined by white chromatic planes, which intersect with glass planes, and with black stone elements on the lower floor, whose black chromatic will contaminate the interior of the house. The trivial housing program, inserts the private areas on the upper floor of the house, and social areas on the lower floor, with a room that shares the space with the kitchen. Due to a sharp unevenness of the land, the entrance of the house is made through the highest area of the lot, allowing the elevation of the house, in the lowest land area of the terrain, creating a prominent volume in relation to the south street, and thus guaranteeing , greater privacy, compared to the glazed area of the dwelling. More

Project • By Paralelo Zero ArchitectureOffices

BIZAY | 360 Imprimir

The office of the company 360 Imprimir // BIZAY shows the strong dynamism, ambition, and contemporaneity of this young Portuguese tech-company.Introducing itself as a business marketing services product platform, your office understands very demanding and job-intensive programmatic needs.The intervention space is characterized by a huge open space with a high intensity of natural light, open on three fronts, with a strong marking of the concrete structural beams with a large separation corridor between service area works (facilities). toilets, storage, technical areas, and emergency stairs).The concept of the project started from a synthesis of printing with the spatial elements to be composed of planes with different densities, textures or... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


As one of the main car renting companies in the Portuguese market, Locarent chose Vector Mais for the design and construction of its headquarters at Edifício Orange in Porto Salvo. With the new corporate identity of the company and the motto ‘mobility that unites us’ as starting points for the construction of interiors, Vector Mais has developed a contemporary, comfortable and dynamic environment. The colors associated with Locarent were used in an innovative way, through a choice of timeless materials and textures, something that is noticeable in the various spaces of the new headquarters, from the reception and library to the phone booths and cafeteria. The introduction of new furniture and lighting (supplied by Vector... More

Project • By Gavinho Architecture & InteriorsApartments

Graça Loft

Located in one of the most typical neighborhoods in the city, next to Praça do Martim Moniz and Avenida Almirante Reis, this project is the result of the transformation of a store and warehouse. This configuration, usual in buildings from the mid-20th century, gave way to a unique living space, idealized as a design loft. In order to maintain the character of the building, the loft aims to establish a dialogue between the past and the cosmopolitan present. Prepared for a contemporary lifestyle, the loft has continuous and communicating social areas. With a generous ceiling height, the loft has two floors. On the lower floor, there is a garage for a car, with direct views of the kitchen and social room, which share a single open spa... More

Project • By Gavinho Architecture & InteriorsApartments

Mouraria Loft

A stone's throw from São Jorge Castle, in the typical Mouraria neighborhood, this loft has resulted from transforming the large space of an old warehouse. Designed and built by Gavinho Architecture & Interiors, the loft was created for a cosmopolitan lifestyle, combining its central location with the serenity of facing a private courtyard.  In a totally open space, the loft develops on a single floor, where the spacious social area appears in the foreground with the kitchen and the living room. Further ahead, and after passing through an industrial metal and glass doors, the suite appears in an intimate and ample environment. Through an excellent use of space, the area at the back of the headboard houses a bathroom and a cl... More

Project • By arribaApartments


The apartment, with 98 m2, located in Entrecampos, Lisboa, was characterised by excessive compartmentalisation and poor distribution of interior spaces.  With a simple gesture, the intervention aims to optimize de space. The major change concerns the social areas of the dwelling - kitchen and living room - which were repositioned. Its redesign allows to widen the entrance to the apartment and to get a better use of the available area.  The kitchen and most of the finishings were renewed with the exception of the wood parquet, which preserves the apartment identity.  A piece of carpentry was added throughout the living room and the bedroom, visually unifying the space.  More

Project • By GIMA ProjectosHousing


Extension and Rehabilitation of a multi-family housing building. More

Project • By arribaApartments

Capitão Leitão

The apartment is located on the top floor of an early 20th century building. The interior space was characterized by excessive compartmentalization and significant lack of quality, aggravated by an increasing degradation. The project was based on the apartment’s existing layout, from which we attempted to maximize the use of the internal space, by reducing compartmentalization and circulation areas, and by inhabiting a hidden attic. The social area was wrapped in a wooden envelopment which gathers the supporting functions and organizes the dwelling. It incorporates the apartment’s entrance, the kitchen, the storage, the access to the private areas, and the hidden staircase that leads to the mezzanine - a retracted space of work and leisure,... More

Project • By ArkstudioApartments

Praça das Flores

Located in Lisbon, in the central and iconic area of Praça das Flores, this project transforms an apartment  with 5 rooms into a Guesthouse. The initial structure of the apartment is maintained and the spaces are organised according to a hierarchy of space occupancy – internally the spaces are grouped in different areas- rooms, living areas, kitchen and circulations for guests and service circulation.The rooms were designed to provide moments of calm and serenity for our soul, as a reminder of the name of the Guest house “Casa c’alma”, given by the owners. The furniture is eclectic and the colours used are soft, and it was our intention to mix vintage and contemporary pieces, returning to the feeling of being “home” and belonging to a... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Coimbra-Steinman house

The house is located in the upper part of a field of a golf course with distant views towards the city of Lisbon.The project arises in this case from the site. A topography that descends smoothly, a place where it can be built on a longitudinal surface with a triangular geometry. The wishes of their future owners also intervene, a house open to the landscape and simultaneously a more private space in which to enjoy the outdoors.Two pieces that meet at a point, where access and studies are located, are presented in this way. A longitudinal piece is inserted in the land, with a proportion that maximizes the perimeter of the architecture, in this space is the day area of the house. A second body unfolds from the point of contact, in which the... More

Project • By arribaApartments


This house in the historic neighborhood of Mouraria, Lisbon, suffered many transformations over the years that compartmentalised the space. The relation with the street was underexplored and the connections between social and private areas were ambiguous.The intervention aimed to open the social area to the street, uniting the living room and the kitchen in a gesture that occupies the whole extension of the facade, protecting the bedrooms and allowing serenity or agitation in distinct moments.The preservation and restoration of traditional materials, such as carpentry and stuccowork, were a premise to the project, which aimed to smoothly combine the pre-existing elements and the new ones.In a house in only 55m2, the circulation spaces were... More