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NewsNews • 14 Jul 2023

25 best architecture firms in Mexico

Mexican architecture is an ode to the country's vibrant diversity, culture, and history. Its architectural scene is incomplete without mentioning the pivotal role played by indigenous communities, each with their distinct traditions and architectural styles, in shaping the various cultural landscapes. From the adobe structures of the Oaxaca region to the thatched-roof huts of the Yucatan Peninsula, each place possesses a unique architectural identity deeply rooted in local customs and materials. Mexico's rich history encompassing pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage has served as a reservoir of inspiration for architects throughout the 20th century. The 20th century witnessed a surge of architectural innovation, with architects like Luis Bar... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosApartments

Departamento Sadro

This is a remodeling project of a recently delivered apartment in one of the newest and most innovative developments in the city of Puebla. With a program defined by the original architectural plan, the focus of the project was to capture the lifestyle of the users in these new spaces, reforming for this reason, the service area, generating a completely new "pantry" space and a new service bar towards the kitchen and social area.  Alejandro Mirsha The rest of the spaces were redefined with fixed elements and furniture, which, obeying the needs of the users, generated a large main room, a dining room and a new decompression space between the access and the social area, as a living room.  Alejandro Mirsha The entire... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosHousing

Westwood Home

Westwood home is located in a privileged context of the city of Austin, Texas. In a wooded and natural setting, the project stems from the need to expand the house and add a bedroom and a private multifunctional space. This need for growth evolved by enhancing the advantages that the original house offered in a rapidly changing residential environment. This reading of the site helped to make decisions that guided the design towards a thorough renovation, creating an authentic project, congruent with its time and environment. Fred Dionne We used local materials, which contrasted and at the same time gave the house a unique factor. A play of wood, stone and steel make up the volumetry of the space. Creating a unique project, which stand... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosHousing

Casa Orea

Located on irregularly shaped land, has a unique architectural program, where each space is conceived with the intention of improving the relationship between interior and exterior space, both visually and physically. Caption It’s designed after looking for the best orientation in order to create terraces, allowing sunlight entrance and working as visual points and social areas. From the access different volumes can be observed that arise through the correct use of proportion, from which a large vertical volume of concrete stands out that precedes the horizontality of the project where a compositional axis establishes the spatial organization, accentuating and framing access to housing. Caption Caption More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosBus stations

Eestrella Roja Bus Station

Autobuses Estrella Roja is a passenger transportation company with different services between the city of Puebla and Mexico City, which is undergoing a significant transformation in its image and service.  Terminal 4 Poniente, where the company operates, has become one of the most important bus terminals in the city, since it offers the possibility of accessing a luxury transportation service to Mexico City without having to go to the bus station in the city of Puebla, saving time in transfers and improving the mobility conditions of the users. Patrick L. Jaimes In response to the importance of this building, which handles a high flow of users and passengers traveling mainly to the Mexico City airport, it was necessary to make t... More

Project • By Dionne ArquitectosHousing

Casa Camila

It is a rest house for a family of 5. The project is located on the slopes of Iztaccihuatl, on a plot of land surrounded by abundant nature, next to a ravine. It is laid out horizontally to give way to the architectural program in different sections: the guard house, the country house and the bungalow or loft. César Cervantes The country house is the center of the project and so it is placed. Unplanted horizontally, it generates a free circulation inside and outside the house. The house is oriented to have views to the volcano from any space and causing a continuous interaction with the outside. César Cervantes Being in the middle of a plot of more than 10,000m2, all the facades of the house are protagonists, each... More

Project • By PAUL CREMOUX studioPrivate Houses

Casa Tolu

Located in the west side valley of Mexico City, Casa Tolu is a beautiful family residence nestled in a deep glen surrounded by trees and endemic vegetation. We are currently experimenting with an eco-friendly Green concrete basement that separates the upper living floor and access areas from the private quarters. PAUL CREMOUX studio PAUL CREMOUX studio The elongated living room space is created using reclaimed wood, giving it a warm and inviting feel. The social areas can be transformed into an open pavilion with sliding door systems on both sides, offering stunning views of the surrounding property. PAUL CREMOUX studio PAUL CREMOUX studio More

NewsNews • 23 May 2022

25 best architecture firms in Mexico City

Mexico City is home to a number of outstanding, epoch-defining architectural firms. Its contemporary pioneers are sophisticated storytellers that are well-versed in fusing cultural tradition with built projects that respond to climate and regional materials. From projects that use formal provocation to subtle craftsmanship, Mexico City is a factory for current industry ideas. The 25 firms presented here practice both locally and internationally, and represent the forefront of Mexico City’s architectural production today.    Ajijic House by Tatiana Bilbao - © Iwan Baan 1. Tatiana BilbaoTatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO is a Mexico City based architecture studio, founded in 2004. At the core of the studio´s practice is... More

Project • By Bojorquez ArquitectosHousing

Casa de la Orquidea Azul

Project: Arch. Esteban BojorquezArch. Servando BojorquezConstruction: Rivera ConstruccionesPhotography: Gonzalo Bojorquez The project distributes itself around a family living room that serves as a connection point between units. Life in the house originates there, moving towards the different areas that are part of it and are visually directed to it.The residence is presented discreet, only perceptible for the subject to live and the visits away from the external tumult, hence the importance of the house being projected as a family space par excellence, giving importance to the visit as much as the inhabitant. With a basement, 3 bedrooms and a service area, in addition to the TV room, and the kitchen-dining room used as a single space in... More

Project • By MAS arquitecturaHousing

Ciruelo 09

Ciruelo House is a project developed in an 1184 sqft on a private residential area. It was planned with the idea of having large spaces as well as privacy. A double-height was planned for the living and dining room, which also has a relation with the backyard and pool. Besides, it possesses an inner patio directly related to the master bedroom, which seeks to bring the exterior and interior together, amplifies space and creates peaceful and calming sensations. More

Project • By MAS arquitecturaHousing

Casa Grijalva

This project is planned for a growing family. The design responds to the clients’ necessity of open spaces and visuals that interact with each other. With that idea, we planned an inner patio at ground level that serves as a connector between social and private areas, as well as an inner water mirror that is connected with the backyard pool, creating a linking space between the outdoors and the indoors. Also, we proposed a double-height in the kitchen/dining room area to maximize the amplitude sensation in it, as well as to connect the space with the corridor in the first level. Reaching the second level, an inner patio visual welcome us, which allow us to generate natural ventilation as well as a relaxing space. The spaces’ de... More

Project • By Workshop, Diseño y ConstrucciónPrivate Houses

Casa Picasso

Casa Picasso is a project that turns every square inch of available space into a functional one. Indoor-outdoor interactions serve as the foundation of the project’s design, and the use of regional materials and textures typically found in the Yucatan Peninsula provide a sense of identity.Located in Merida’s historic downtown district, this 145 square meter house is an oasis in the city. Designed as a vacation house, this two bedroom home offers its owners refuge from cold New York winters.Throughout the home light colors have been used to transform the small space into one that feels spacious and inviting. These light colors can even be found in the Polish white concrete floors, which keep the space feeling fresh. Vegetation and natural wo... More

Project • By RIMA ArquitecturaApartments

Canelos Apartment

This 300 sq m apartment located on the west area of Mexico City is a full interior design lesson that shows the functional and aesthetic possibilities of an open space, loft style, which integrates in a sober and harmonic way the private areas.  The entrance hall is a well-polished contemporary space written on its finishes such as black and grey granite floor and charcoal steel plate in contrast with the light and dark woods and where the highlight is a sculpture. The splendid natural light and the surrounding nature are hallmarked by the dramatic black plafond. In this project, a social area for people with very urban life style and interested in receiving visual and aesthetic stimulation every day, was developed. This area has... More

Project • By Bojorquez ArquitectosHousing

Casa Alrededor del Arbol

Respite, tranquility, and constant habitability around vegetationProject: Ar. Servando BojórquezConstruction: Bojórquez ArquitectosPhotography: Gonzalo BojórquezThe forest call "Los Colomos" its a little green lung in the city of Guadalajara in México, a place where the forest life has not been cared for or respected. According to the world healt organization (WHO) to ensure a minimum health in the population you need one tree for every 3 inhabitants. that is to say, in Mexico for every family ther most be at leats 2.5 trees, unfortunately in the metropolitan area, beyond diferent data available un the internet, although there are green areas, there is a large majority of spaces where vegetation is scarce. The natural way of construction fo... More

Project • By DellekampPrivate Houses

L house

Program: HouseLocation: Valle de Bravo, MexicoStatus: BuiltArchitectural project: Dellekamp Arquitectos | Derek Dellekamp & Jachen Schleich + Ándres PalominoProject leader: Derek DellekampTeam: Marco Jaime, Ana María Alcalá, Edgar Sandoval, Gustavo Hernández, David FernándezPhotography: Sandra PereznietoThis weekend house is created by uniting volumes to make an L shape with a covered ro of. Patios are inserted into the longest volume, preserving pre-exiting trees on site, allowing vegetation to take over the project, and creating a house-in-a-courtyard (but a house without courtyards). In these ways, the house interweaves vegetation and explores the patio typology.The distribution of the house gives the gu... More