Chalet Chamonix

Chalet Chamonix

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Chalet Chamonix

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Surrounded by the incredible mountains of the French Alps, in the town of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the Alpen Chalet became the first large foreign project of our studio.
The interior design of the chalet took us more than six months to develop. And during this time the project had several changes.

Inspired by the materials, colors and elements of the Alps nature, we have combined the traditional techniques, used in the construction of alpine houses for many centuries, with the new technologies.

This allowed to create a traditional, but at the same time modern, unique and timeless style. Warm colors, elegant wooden surfaces, natural materials and expressive interior elements – all to create an atmosphere of comfort and relax after a long exciting day in nature.

This 3-storey 416 sq.m. chalet consists of: 4 bedrooms with private dressing rooms and bathrooms, children’s bedroom for 4 children with separate playroom and study areas, spacious kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room, SPA-zone, gym, home cinema, garage and ski storage room.

Most of the first floor traditionally the common living space. A meeting place for the whole family. The panoramic windows of the living room offer a mesmerizing view of the snow-capped peak of Mont Blanc, which, combined with the cozy crackling of firewood in the fireplace, creates a calm homely atmosphere on quiet winter evenings.

The real decoration of the dining area is the Gold Moon Chandelier created by the Italian factory Catellani & Smith, the shape of which resembles the French Alps.
On this floor is the largest room of the house – the master bedroom. It is rather a separate block, with its own sleeping and sofa area, workplace, dressing room and bathroom.

All other bedrooms are located on the second floor of the house. Although they are smaller than the master bedroom, but at the same time they are absolutely full-fledged blocks, designed on the principles of a traditional hotel room, so very similar to each other.

On the ground floor there are: technical blocks, SPA-zone, gym, equipped with the latest fitness equipment of the premium series for home use by Technogym, home theater, garage and ski storage room.

The customer of this project is a French developer has successfully implemented several similar projects. He had a lot of experience and knew exactly what result he wanted to achieve, so we quickly understood each other and spoke the same language, despite the fact that English is not native to both of us.

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